Friday, July 2, 2010


Obama's healthcare REFORM and his current financial REFORM legislation, soon to be passed, equate to government control of both our health and our financial system. Full control of the health and finances of a populace wherein the populace is dependent on the government =SOCIALISM.



How ironic that these pieces of legislation are both referred to as "reform" which by definition, indicates a cessation of "evil" by implementing change that is supposedly rectifying faults or abuses:


1 a : to put or change into an improved form or condition b : to amend or improve by change of form or removal of faults or abuses.
2 : to put an end to (an evil) by enforcing or introducing a better method or course of action.

In actuality, these "reform" bills are doing just the opposite-they are introducing evil legalities to empower the federal government to be able to abuse the citizens of America by diminishing the freedoms of the citizenry. 

These power grabs have to be accomplished while the Democrats are in control so they can stay in control. The career politicians and Chicago mobsters who are now running Washington will NEVER give up the immense power that they have feverishly labored to acquire.


To insure their continued control, the next step will be full amnesty for the illegals so the Democrats can add to their voter base so as to sway the elections in November.


As proof of that fact, in today's new's headlines, Obama is again trying to"reform" America. Our president is now officially calling for legislation for immigration REFORM.


If Obama's intended immigration reform (aka amnesty for the millions of illegals) fails passage through Congress, he is in fact contemplating issuing an executive order for amnesty.


The presidential pardon was meant for a case by case basis, not for the blanket pardon of 10-12 million illegals in order for the Democrats to flood their voter base in order to stay in power.



Obama is even open to Puerto Rico statehood which would not only bring in more Democratic voters, but more Democratic Senators and House members.

All of the power hungry politicians have been working tirelessly to implement socialism so as to maintain their control. 

Therefore, these who desire a dictatorship over America will do whatever it takes to complete their goal of absolute, never ending power.

If all their many other methods fail, there is always martial law that would solve the problem of losing their control and power. Martial law would insure that they are never "voted out" as many Americans are threatening towards the incumbents come the November elections.


Once martial law is declared there are no elections and those in office, stay in office and in power. As the president, Obama has the power to initiate martial law if he sees fit.


Please see the previous blog entry detailing how and why our government has been deliberately dragging its feet while our Gulf steadily has been becoming a cesspool of toxic chemicals.


The Gulf oil disaster would be a perfect scenario that could necessitate the declaration of martial law by the president.


Notable is the fact that early on, Obama actually REFUSED help from several other countries which had offered to aid the Gulf clean up with their highly advanced oil-skimming ships:

There is also a massive oil skimmer whose owners are wanting to aid in the clean up that has the potential to skim 500,000 barrels A DAY. The clean up effort, to date, has only skimmed 600,000 barrels TOTAL.


Why has this skimmer not been used to save our Gulf? Our southeasten United States is in peril by the Gulf Oil Disaster. However, our government has just been standing idly by watching our Gulf fill up with crude oil and dispersants in order to keep the very effective back up plan of martial law ready, if needed.


The stark and dismal picture of one of our Gulf  beaches below, speaks volumes as to how our government is virtually "looking the other way" while our coastline is gradually heading towards becoming almost uninhabitable:

All these preparations are just one step away from a socialistic America which is in route to the coming North American Union.


Please see the previous entry detailing the plans for the formation of the North American Union:


The ultimate goal, however, is not just that of dictator of America or even of the North American Union, but of the coming one world government, over which the prophesied antichrist will rule.

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