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"Immigration Parade to White House Takes Turn Toward Reconciliation, Health Care"

"On the day President Obama devoted more energy than ever before to immigration reform, he received a dire warning from the most visible Republican exponent of bi-partisan compromise: use reconciliation to move health care and you will kill immigration reform for the year""

"Graham and Schumer met with Obama to discuss the status of comprehensive immigration reform, including providing a means for undocumented workers to gain access to health coverage under consideration in health care reform. Giving undocumented workers in the country now a path to legal status would, in all likelihood, provide access to health insurance services contained in the pending reform bill."

"The Senate health care bill, which Obama favors, prohibits undocumented workers from purchasing coverage through the newly created health care exchanges. House Democrats want to loosen those restrictions, one of many issues that could complicate a reconciliation process in the Senate.Graham said Obama promised to review his and Schumer's proposals to push "our nation toward a biometric Social Security card to ensure illegal workers cannot get jobs." Graham and Schumer also seek to create a "temporary worker program" for agricultural and other seasonal work and, in Graham's words "a rational plan to deal with the millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States.".

"Obama must help resolve, Graham said the White House must also deal with the use of so-called "virtual fences" on the U.S.-Mexican border, a program Obama's most recent budget cuts by $189 million. Graham said these fences have "proven much more complex and difficult to implement than originally expected."

"The Administration must make this a priority as securing our borders is a confidence-building measure in the eyes of the American people," Graham's statement said."

"Comprehensive immigration reform is just a code word for AMNESTY for our nation’s 10-20 million illegal immigrants," Bilbray said. "What part of the word 'illegal' doesn’t the president understand?"

After 9-11, you would think that our government would have bulked up border patrol and have constructed some type of barrier/security fence to at least prevent the very real possibility of terrorists with suitcase nukes from entering the country.

It is incredulous how airline passengers experience great delays in boarding for their flights solely because of the heightened security measures made necessary due to the threat of terrorism. All the while, our entire border with Mexico remains like a sieve (that's how the 10-20 million illegals were able to come to America in the first place.)!

No further speculation is needed regarding the question of why our borders  still remain virtually unprotected and easily penetrable. Obama's true agenda grows clearer every day-the reason he recently cut the budget for the so-called "virtual fences" on the U.S.-Mexican border, by $189 million is because there is no intention whatsoever to stop the flow of illegals into America.

In fact, Obama's plans are quite the opposite. His plans are to instead, effectively stimulate the influx of illegals by luring them in with free health coverage.

Obama's stance on this matter is that he favors "prohibiting UNdocumented workers from purchasing coverage through the newly created health care exchanges". In plainspeak, this means: Obama favors allowing documented workers to purchase coverage through the newly created health care exchanges.

The translation of this double talk by Obama to illegals is "Come on over!"

As such, there is no doubt that our borders would be flooded by masses of illegal immigrants who want to participate in the entitlement programs of the "American dream" that Obama plans to open up to them.

So, Obama's plans consist of not only extending amnesty but also health coverage to all immigrants who have entered and are living in our country illegally. The rewards for their illegal acts probably will extend to a myriad of other benefits enjoyed previously only by LEGAL American citizens.

Due to the shear number of illegals that will be awarded these perks of citizenship, it would be impossible to keep a head count. Therefore, not only would the millions of illegals currently in America be eligible for citizens' benefits but also the never ending flow of the future flight of illegals into America would also be able to 'hop on the gravy train".

The question is: "What is Obama's rationale for inciting a mass exodous of illegal Mexicans to America across the virtually unsecured border (that he ensured would be penetrable by his budget cuts to border security)?

The answer in one short phrase: "North American Union"! There has been long in the making, global elitist plans to gradually phase all nations into a one world government via the forging of blocs of nations into unions (as exemplified by the European Union). They intend to transition Mexico, America and Canada into the "North American Union".

The goal is to phase all exiting nations into a total of TEN "unions" that are currently either being set into place or have already been completed:

1. North America

2 .Central America and Caribbean

3 .South America 

4 .Western Europe

5 .Eastern Europe and Central Asia

6 .Mediterranean and Middle-East

7 .Africa

8 .North-East and South Asia

9 .South-East Asia

10.Australia and Pacific

For details regarding the countires that are/will be in each of the ten unions:

Most Americans are clueless of these plans to forge us into a "union" with Mexico and Canada. The powers behind this global regionalization are well aware that most of us "pesky American citizens' would refuse to give up our sovereignity. So, in comes Obamacare to the rescue!

The 2300 pages of Obamacare that will be illegaly passed against the will of the American people include a vast array of nefarious legislation that is designed to strip our rights. In colluison with these loss of freedoms is the mere fact that the overwhelming debt that Obamacare will place on the taxpayers, is also a vehicle to break us economically.

Money translates into power. So, when they succeed in crashing our economy via complete devaluation of the dollar, the American citizenry will be powerless to resist the abduction of our sovereignity/rights.

As such, they will then be able to transition the superpower of the world, the United States of America, into forced union with Canada and Mexico. This is why Obama actually cut the budget for our southwest border protection. Mexico will thus be joined with America and would have a united citizenry.

From a prophetic perspective, it is easily seen that the end goal is a one world government which will be ruled by the antichrist. It is so amazing to actually witness this purposeful graduation into ten unions/regions and to know that we are seeing the literal fulfillment of Bible prophecy. 

The appointed leaders of the aforementioned ten unions will not have actual "kingdoms" as their authority will be over a bloc of several nations. Eventually, the ten unions will evolve into a one world government when their leaders unite and submit their authority over their individual "unions" to the leader of the global government, the antichrist.

Revelation 17: 12  The  THE TEN horns which you saw are TEN KINGS who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.

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