Friday, March 5, 2010

March 6, 2010


"The United Nations Security Council expressed concern overnight Friday after Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian rioters, Israel Radio reported."

"Israel has crossed every red line and made prospects for peace even dimmer in clashing with Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said in a statement released Friday evening."

"Abbas said Israeli security forces, which he termed the “occupation army,” were “provoking” members of other faiths in a way that could “set off a religious war in the region.” He warned that “Israeli escapades” in east Jerusalem would have repercussions not just in the city and the Middle East, but also in Muslim world.
"PA president warns of ."

"Syria also condemned what it termed Israel's "desecration of Arab and Islamic sanctities" in Jerusalem on Friday, adding its voice to those opposing indirect negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel."

Here we have a couple of the Psalm 83 players -Syria and the Palestinians setting it up as if Israel "was “provoking” members of other faiths in a way that could “set off a religious war in the region.”

They have cunningly devised a plot to paint Israel as the aggressor so as to have a rationale for attacking her.
Therefore, all the blame for any military conflict would be blamed on Israel. Basically, Abbas of the PA is foreshadowing their planned upcoming attack by acting as if  "Israel's escapades' could start a Mideast Regional  War.


"Many believe a repeat of that saga over Easter would be fatal. “There’s a sense of urgency among Democrats that the healthcare bill has to be completed before the end of this month,” says Tom Daschle, the former Democratic Senate leader and Mr Obama’s original Washington mentor."


Obama is driven to force his Healthcare Reform through in order to succeed with  his agenda of power, control and the eventual microchipping of the American people under the guise of electonic medical records. Due to these ulterior motives, Obama "......may even resort to reconciliatin."

"Inside Health Policy has obtained a Democratic memo that lays out a timeline for passing the Senate health care bill in the House alongside a package of fixes using reconciliation. Hoping to avoid the disastrous August recess town halls, Democrats are going to try and finish reform before members go home for the Easter break at the end of March. The hard deadline and pending vacation could pressure reluctant Democrats to vote ‘yes’ in the House."

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