Wednesday, March 28, 2012


As we close in on God's last days plan, it as if the puzzle pieces are flying into place. Everything seems to be coming more and more into focus.

It appears as if the closer we get, the more light that God is allowing to be shed on the details of His end times plan.

Recent developments seem to be further unveiling of parts of the puzzle.

Some of these discoveries are new realizations and others seem to be confirming previously held perspectives; as well as serving to support newly revealed information.

First, we will delve into conceptions already held by many throughout the prophetic community.

Then, in a following blog, Part 2, we will work our way into recently revealed information that appears to perfectly tie everything together.

4 years ago, in 2008, Mark Biltz discovered an astronomical phenomenon that is indeed "astronomical" in importance!

Before dissecting these amazing phenomena though, these facts need to be understood:

1)The Feast Days outlined in the book of Leviticus are not just Jewish Feast Days. They are instead, the Feast Days of the Lord. 

God stressed to us that they are HIS feast days so that
ALL of His followers
, Jew and Gentile, would  observe His appointed feasts and be able to recognize their importance in God's prophetic plan:

Leviticus 23:
1The Lord said to Moses, 2“Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘These are my appointed feasts, the appointed feasts of the Lord, which you are to proclaim as sacred assemblies.

2)God's appointed feasts/sacred assemblies and their different names, which may be used interchangeably, are as follows:


2)Unleavend Bread
5)Rosh Hashanah/Feast of Trumpets/Yom  Teruah)
6)Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur
7)TABERNACLES/ Sukkoth/Ingathering)

Note: Passover is the first Feast Day of the year to be observed and Tabernacles is the last Feast Day of the year to be observed.

3) A total lunar eclipse produces a "blood red moon".

4) According to NASA, four total lunar eclipses in a row is known as a tetrad.

5)God placed the sun, moon and stars in the heavens as signals of things to come:

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs (owth), and for seasons (moed), and for days, and years: Genesis 1:14

"owth" - (in the sense of appearing): a signal

"moed"- an appointment, a fixed time or season: also a signal (as appointed beforehand):  appointed (signal, time)

6) God's appointed Feast Days are all reckoned according to the stages of the moon. Thus, we can that the moon is rendered as both an "owth", as well as a "moed".

While collating the Jewish Calendar and NASA's eclipse website, Pastor Biltz made the amazing discoveries:

The year 2014 has two "blood red moons" or total eclipses of the moon; one occurring on April 15, 2014 (the very day of the Feast of Passover) and other occurring on October 8, 2014 (the very day of the Feast of Tabernacles).

These two eclipses are immediately followed by two additional "blood moons" in the year 2015; one occurring on April 4, 2015 (the very day of the Feast of Passover) and one occurring on September 28, 2015 (the very day of the Feast of Tabernacles).

Therefore, for two years in a row, there will be a total lunar eclipse/blood moons falling exactly on God's first, (Passover), and then last(Tabernacles), appointed Feast Days:


The Tetrad of 2014 through 2015:

 April 15, 2014 Passover Total Lunar Eclipse
October 8, 2014 Tabernacles Total Lunar Eclipse
April 4, 2015 Passover Total Lunar Eclipse
September 28, 2015 Tabernacles Total Lunar Eclipse

After the above four "blood moons" of 2014 and 2015, there are no more such tetrads occurring on Jewish holidays in this century. In fact, there are no more for a hundred years

Biltz further discovered that there have been a total of ONLY SEVEN Passover/Tabernacles tetrads since 1 A.D:

162/163 A.D.
795/796 A.D.
842/843 A.D.
860/861 A.D.
1493/1494 A.D.
1949/1950 A.D.
1967/1968 A.D.

Thus, the 2014/2015 A.D. Tetrads on Passover and then on Tabernacles, will be only the eighth such tetrad in  more than 2000 years.

So, tetrads aligning perfectly with the Lord's Feast Days, are rare beyond belief.

Biltz also noticed that there are two solar eclipses coming in the year 2015, wherein the sun will be temporarily blocked out.

1)The first solar eclipse will occur on March 20, 2015 which happens to mark the very first day of the sacred/Biblical calendar (as outlined in Leviticus). 

This will be exactly 14 days before the "blood red moon" lunar eclipse coming on April 4, 2015 which is Passover.

2)The second solar eclipse will occur on September 13, 2015 which happens to mark the very first day of the civil calendar, which is the Feast Day of Rosh Hashanah/Feast of Trumpets.

This will be exactly 14 days before the "blood red moon" lunar eclipse coming on September 28, 2015, which is The Feast of Tabernacles.

Note that both of the below verses, which refer to the "great and glorious/terrible day of the Lord" appear to allude to either the beginning of the Great Tribulation, or else Yeshua's Second Coming.

Both verses ascribe that a darkened sun as well as a blood moon will usher in this time period:

Joel:31 The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

Acts 2:20 The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.

As such, the aforementioned solar and lunar eclipses of 2014/2015 appear to be the fulfillment of these verses.

Even more astounding about these tetrads are the facts surrounding the ones just previous to 2014/2015:

The prior Tetrads tied to Hebrew Holidays are extremely significant.

They occurred two years running, right after modern day Israel became a nation in 1948 and then, right after Israel recaptured Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in 1967:

The Tetrad of 1967 - 1968   Tied to the 7 day war where Israel took Jerusalem in June 1967.:


April 24 1967 Passover   Total Lunar Eclipse
October 18, 1967 Tabernacles   Total Lunar Eclipse
April 13, 1968 Passover   Total Lunar Eclipse
October 6, 1968 Tabernacles   Total Lunar Eclipse

NOTE: Even though Israel declared themselves a nation in 1948,  the first permanent government didn't take office on Jan 25, 1949.  Israel had a transitional government in 1948.

In this way, the tetrad can tie to the year 1949 for the first elected office of that year and the birth year still be 1948. 

The Tetrad of 1949 through 1950 -Tied to the rebirth of the nation of Israel on May 14, 1948.: 

April 13, 1949   Passover    Total Lunar Eclipse                                                         

Oct, 7, 1949    Tabernacles Total lunar Eclipse                                                                
 April 2,   1950  Passover    Total Lunar Eclipse                                                         

Sept. 26, 1950 Tabernacles Total Lunar Eclipse                                                          

Unbelievably, there were no tetrads whatsoever, for five hundred (500) years prior to these.

Incredibly these tetrads all perfectly bookmark the inception of modern day Israel and her recapture of God's Holy City, Jerusalem.

The preceding tetrad to these was 500 years prior, in 1493/1494. 

These blood moons, on Passover/Tabernacles 1493/1494, for both years were tied to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1493.

Therefore, the relationship of the tetrads falling exactly on God's Feast Days, in conjunction with major events in the lives of His chosen people, Israel, is astonishingly clear!

It is easy to see that the odds for these signs in the heavens, are surely nothing short of miraculous!

God the creator, has set out His prophetic plans in the Heavens, as well as in His Word.

Please "stay tuned" for Part 2, in which even more jaw-dropping data will be investigated!


We may soon see the beginning of the Psalm 83 War. This "march" planned for this Friday, March 30, 2012, has the potential for 2 MILLION enemies of Israel to storm her borders:

"Two million set for ‘March on Jerusalem’ Friday, organizer claims"

Israel CANNOT allow these foes to cross into her land as they want nothing less than her annihilation. 

Realizing this, Israel has forewarned these hostile entities involved to not participate:

"Israel has urged neighboring states not to let participants reach its borders" 

These enemies of Israel's are deliberately planning on initiating a confrontation with Israel, forcing Israel to defend herself. In this manner, the world would view Israel as the aggressor in any resulting conflict.

All of these enemies of Israel's are seething with animosity towards her. As they storm her borders, their enmity will quickly combust into violence.

The mob mentality of these people, who despise Israel with a hatred from the depths of hell, will be unconstrainable.

This will be like a mob on steroids, with the everlasting hatred spewing from every pore of their beings.

The fuse for the Psalm 83 War is ready & waiting to be lit. If huge masses of Islamic radicals and liberals storm across Israel's borders, the ensuing violence will be like a blowtorch lighting the fuse.

Modern day Israel is God's prophetic timepiece. May what will soon transpire open the eyes and hearts of scoffers as to how very late the hour is.

Once their eyes are opened,  may many see that it is time shift their focus from this passing world on to the eternal, the Kingdom of God.

May we all remember to pray for our Jewish brethren, as they are facing many horrors.

Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: "May they prosper who love you".

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Dear Church Pastors:

What a precarious position you may be placing yourself AND many others in.

Many leaders appear to be refusing to sound the alarm that we are in the end times, out of concern that  many church attendees may disapprove of the "negativity".

The pastors fear that any perceived "negativity" by churchgoers may cause church attendance to dwindle and thus, income to drop.

This mindset, focused on materialism, may have eternal consequences for the many in front of, as well as behind the church podiums.
The flocks are looking to their shepherds to guide and direct them. Most laypeople (the flock), are not watching as commanded themselves.

They assume that their clergymen, being seminary-trained, steeped in Bible degrees/knowledge, are doing the watching for them.

They naturally are presuming that their leaders are alert and diligently watching for the last days signals given to us by Yeshua.

Therefore, many occupying the pews are depending entirely on those behind the pulpits to warn them of the signs of the times.

The situation, wherein most pulpits are eerily silent about the last days, is primarily because the modern day Church has evolved into a business, instead of a ministry.

There again are moneychangers where there is instead supposed to be the sharing of the FREE gift of eternal salvation.

Spreading the Good News was NEVER supposed to be a paid profession for a reason. It turns many a minister of the Gospel into something akin to a politician, trying to garner votes.

Often, it morphs the ministry into a matter of popularity and telling people whatever they want to hear, in order to profit the man.

Being a paid minister of the Gospel makes one dependent on the salary afforded to them by the Church. Of course, maintaining the big business of today's churches are sustained only through contributions of congregants.

Church leaders therefore are forced to keep the contributions flowing, in order to maintain their lifestyle/support their family.

This need has enticed many pastors to stick to keeping the message "fluffy", entertaining and bursting with sunshine.

Just as in the case of politicians, it is important to uplift the people and only tell them what "tickles their ears", if they want the people's continued attendance, along with the accompanying continued cash flow.

"A time will come when people will not listen to accurate teachings. Instead, they will follow their own desires and surround themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear."
2 Timothy 4:3

This need for maintaining a regularity in financial support has lead to where a majority of pastors are totally negligent in watching, let alone warning, about the rapidly advancing fulfillment of last days Bible prophecy.

Those who have been entrusted with the welfare of the flocks need to remember that by assuming the role as leaders/teachers, that they will be judged more severely:

"My brethren, be not many teachers, knowing that we shall receive the severer judgment." James 3:1

God, in His omnipotence, seeing the end from the beginning, knew that in these last days that the Church at large, would evolve into a business.

"Only I can tell you the future before it even happens. Everything I plan will come to pass, for I do whatever I wish." Isaiah 46:10

As a result, God has called laypeople to be watchmen on the wall, to stand in the stead for the leaders of the churches; who have chosen to protect their family incomes instead of spiritually protecting their flocks.

These watchmen come from all walks of life and are primarily composed of laypeople. Since they are not trained pastors, most of the flock usually see the watchmen as either inept or incapable. Oftentimes, they even view the watchmen as eccentric and

Any of these perspectives cause the people in the pews to virtually ignore the watchmen and their warnings.

As we draw yet closer to the prophesied Time of Jacob's Trouble/Tribulation and the Rapture of the readied Bride, God appears to be calling even more watchmen in, to man the walls for the last watches.

There are watchmen of all genders, races and nationalities now sounding the alarm all over the internet.

From Facebook and Youtube to individual websites and Rapture based message boards, the clarion call can be heard all over the world wide web.

God loves His people so deeply that He commanded us to watch for the plethora of signs that He foretold that would signal the end of the age.

It is up to each believer to choose to either heed, or to ignore, the watchmen's cries of alarm.

According to Ezekiel, obedient watchmen will not be held accountable for the choices of those warned.

However, those in the pulpits, shepherding the flocks, will be held accountable for the blood of those in their care, if they choose to not blow the trumpet of warning.


"But if the watchman sees the sword come, and blows not the trumpet, and the people are not warned; if the sword comes, and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand." Ezekiel 33:6

Thus, the negligent leaders behind the lecterns are not only heaping more severe judgment upon themselves, but also leaving many in their congregations woefully unprepared.

If all pastors were faithfully warning their flocks, their flocks would be fully aware of the nearness of the coming of the Lord. Being convinced and aware, these believers would in turn, start sounding the alarm themselves.

Eventually, the internet would be all abuzz with warnings by all believers that we are at the end of the age. Even non-believers would become aware that all the increasing abnormalcy on the planet is actually  Biblical prophecy coming to pass.

Many of the lost would be saved and the lukewarm would be readied.

Due to all the preceding factors, it is imperative that all ministers of the Gospel realize that by disobeying the Lord's command to watch, a multitude of souls are at stake (including their own).

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Each day, there are new global headlines shouting out that the stage is almost completely set for the Psalm 83 war.

The below listed players of the Psalm 83 war are beginning to dominate the worlds' news.  

Tents of Edom = [decedents of Esau] Palestinian Refugees and Southern Jordanians (including the terrorist group, Hamas, who rules over Gaza

Ishmaelites = Saudi Arabians

Moab = Palestinian Refugees and Central Jordanians

Hagrites = Egyptians NOTE: Since the Arab Spring's ousting of Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood is heading Egypt towards breaking the decades long peace treaty with Israel, leading towards enmity with Israel.

Gebal = Northern Lebanese

Ammon = Palestinian Refugees and Northern Jordanians

Amalek = Arabs South of Israel

Philista = Palestinian Refugees, including Hamas of Gaza

Inhabitants of Tyre = Hezbollah and Southern Lebanese

Assyria = Syrians and perhaps Northern Iraqis included

Children of Lot = Moab and Ammon=Palestinian Refugees and Central and Northern Jordanians

Most of the nationalities listed in the above Psalm 83 alliance are currently making headlines, spewing anti-Semitic war rhetoric. The others, that are currently not so vocal, will probably join into the fray once the conflict begins.

It is a known, yet unstated fact, that Iran is racing to complete it’s nuclear weaponry, so it can make good on its many threats to “annihilate” the nation of modern day Israel.

Please see the previous blog entry detailing why there are no hopes, whatsoever, of curtailing Iran’s  efforts to achieve its stated goal “to wipe Israel off the map”.

It provides ample evidence how attacking Israel, is  a a religious/spiritual obligation that Iran’s leaders cannot deviate from:

It is important to note that more than two years ago, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah forged a pact to be allies against Israel.

The terrorist group, Hamas ,which has governmental control of Gaza is also linked to Iran. Iran financially backs this enemy of Israel. Hamas began shelling Israel with rockets this past week.

It appears that Hamas, as Iran’s proxy is acting on Iran’s behalf . Their purpose may be twofold:

1) To distract Israel while Iran hurriedly puts the finishing touches on its nuclear warheads.

2) To aid in the assessment of Israel’s military capability as well as  Israel's system of protecting her citizenry. These evaluations may be being performed in order to stratergize prior to waging war against Israel.

As of today, Iran is also calling it’s ally, Hezbollah, quartered in Lebanon, to start the assault on Israel:

“Iran threatens Israel with bombardment from Lebanon”

Also being reported today, is further provocation of Israel; wherein “Iran is wanting to Syria to “distract” Israel“ :

"Iran officials told Assad to focus on Israel to divert attention from Syria crisis" Iran-officials-told-assad-to-focus-on-Israel-to-divert-attention-from-Syria-crisis-1.418710

As Iran's ally, Syria may even strike Israel with weapons of mass destruction. Israel may be forced into the "Samson Option" if this occurs.

Please see details of the “Samson Option” here:

Syria may also try to utilize weapons of mass destruction against Israel in order to divert the world’s attention off of Assad’s continued massacre of his Syrian citizens.

This call to "distract Israel" by Iran to its ally, Syria; would be a measure to buy Iran more time. Iran appears to be in the end stages of procuring a nuclear weapon, to use against Israel.

Both of these situations may lead to the fulfillment of the Psalm 83 War, as well as the leveling of Damascus as prophesied in Isaiah 17:

Isaiah 17:1 “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, And it will be a ruinous heap.

Below are likely scenarios that could easily kick start this last days war:

A) Israel is forced into a preemptive strike against Iran; due to their nuclear weapon ambitions and threats to annihilate Israel.

B) Israel is forced to retaliate against Syria.

To reiterate, Assad may try to divert attention from Syria's civil war by making Israel the new battleground in conjunction with it being an offensive attack to "distract" Israel, so Iran can complete the preparation of its nukes.

From all the multiple, intimidating threats it appears that Iran and her allies may be intentionally trying to goad Israel into a preemptive strike against Iran; so that Syria and the other Psalm 83 allies can join in and attack Israel.

As such, the world would blame only Israel. The world at large, hates Israel and always blames her, even though she has always only operated on the defensive.

From Psalm 83:1-8 it is evident that all of aforementioned enemies of Israel have devised a plot against her, in order to "cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more.”

Psalm 83:1-8
1 Do not keep silent, O God! Do not hold Your peace, and do not be still, O God! 2 For behold, Your enemies make a tumult; and those who hate You have lifted up their head. 3 They have taken crafty counsel against Your people, and consulted together against Your sheltered ones. 4 They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” 5 For they have consulted together with one consent; they form a confederacy against You: 6 The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites; Moab and the Hagrites; 7 Gebal, Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8 Assyria also has joined with them; they have helped the children of Lot. Selah

As such, Iran and her allies appear to be deliberately taunting Israel in an effort:

1) to bring about the cataclysmic return of their Shiite Islamic Messiah, the Mahdi

2) to bring to fulfillment, their long awaiting goal of the extinction of Israel.

Therefore, these enemies of Israel are literally “looking for a fight”.

Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah) and the Palestinians (Hamas)  want to be able to justify to the world, their rationales for attacking Israel.

Israel may soon be  forced into striking Iran in order to preserve her very existence. Iran’s allies will use their alliance, with the excuse of being Iran's protectorate; in order to launch a multifront attack against the tiny nation of Israel.

Satan has used many wicked men, throughout the ages, to try to exterminate God's chosen people.

God's Word tells us that this time will be no different. No matter how hard they try, no one will never be able to destroy Israel, the apple of God's eye.

In fact, the children of Israel will emerge from the Psalm 83 War as the victors.

The destruction of Israel, that her enemies so desire, will be heaped instead upon them, just as God forewarned at the beginning of time,  in the Book of Genesis:

Genesis 12:3 And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed."

As we see this advent of the Psalm 83 War, may we also see that we are at the end of the age.

With that realization, may we all finally conclude that all that really matters is our relationship with the Most High God through His Son, Yeshua, Jesus the Christ.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Presently, on the ground in Syria, the situation degrades by the day. Syria's president, Assad, who continues to slaughter his own people, is one of the staunch allies of Iran.

Assad has forewarned the nation of Israel that "
Syria will shower Tel Aviv with rockets if attacked by foreign powers"

Therefore, the recent headlines announcing that multiple foreign countries are planning military intervention in Syria, are extremely alarming:

"US, France, UK, Turkey, Italy prepare for military intervention in Syria"

The preceding threat against Israel shows that Assad may launch war against Israel in order to divert the world's attention from himself.  
If other nations/"foreign powers" intervene in what has become civil war in Syria, Assad may make good on his promise to "shower rockets" on Tel Aviv.

This tactic that Assad has threatened would successfully shift the focus from Syria to Israel, by making Israel the new military front.

In response to Assad's threats to shower rockets on Tel Aviv, "Western intelligence sources have reported that Israel reacted  with the warning of its own that 'If a single Syrian missile explodes in Tel Aviv, Damascus will be first to pay the price' ":

These very real threats appear to provide overwhelming evidence why we may soon see "Damascus being the first to pay the price", resulting in the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:

Isaiah 17:1 Behold, DAMASCUS WILL CEASE TO BE A CITY will become a heap of ruins.
Please see this recent entry for more details regarding this last days prophecy, wherein Damascus ceases to be a city and becomes a heap of ruins:

Additionally, both China and Russia are backing Assad and threatening against any interference in Syrian matters. Both of these powerful nations are showing their support of Assad.:

Russia, China reject "interference" in Syria"

Russia, in particular, has been very vocal in its not so veiled threats:

Syria's alliance with Hezbollah and Iran will give good reason for both of these avowed enemies of Israel to join in the attack, protecting their ally. 
Of course, they are fully aware that any act of self-defense by Israel will still cause the entire world to view Israel as being at fault.

They have long been waiting for justification to attack Israel, who they hate with an everlasting hatred that goes back thousands of years.

Back two years ago, Syria joined with Hezbollah and Iran, forming an alliance with the goal of destroying Israel.

Ever since, they have all been militarily fortifying themselves for this soon coming conflict.
If superpowers nations such as China and Russia make good on their threats to defend Assad, and Israel's menacing Arab enemies jump in the fray, a world war like no other will ensue.

Important to note is that Israel is literally surrounded with Goliath-sized neighbors, who want nothing less than her total annihilation.

Due to these very real threats, Israel has adopted a defense strategy that should make her enemies think twice before carrying out their desires "to wipe Israel off the map".
This strategy of self-preservation is called the Samson Option. It is an "alleged deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a “last resort” against nations whose military attacks threaten its existence, and possibly against other targets as well":
In essence, the Samson Option is a serious caution to Israel's many enemies. This sends a loud and clear message that if Israel is attacked with any weapon of mass destruction (WMD), that it would result in mutually assured destruction because Israel would immediately respond to any such attack, in kind, with WMD's against her attacker(s).
The "Samson Option" may well explain why in the course of one single evening, Damascus is destroyed:
Isaiah 17:14 In the evening, sudden terror! Before the morning, they are gone!

The entire Mideast grows more unstable and volatile by the day. It is powderkeg, whose fuse has been lit and is burning shorter by the day...