Monday, July 5, 2010


Just wanting to share this in-depth article that proves that our government is trying to cause the demise of our country by toppling our economy.

They are purposefully trying to cause jobs to be lost so as to cause the recession to deepen and to create an entitlement mentality in the middle class as they are planning to legislate further extention of unemployment benefits for an even longer period of of time.

Eventually, they will create an entire populace dependent on the government which will culminate in their achievement of their goal of a socialistic America:

 "Breaking: Obama shuts down 33% of the country’s oil refining capacity 

 " Whereas Obama is trying to crush Arizona by suing it into the ground to prevent it from defending itself from illegal immigration, and it is preventing any clean up efforts in Louisiana after 71 days, it has just been learned from one of our conatcts in Texas that Obama by way of the EPA has just shut down today 33% of the country’s refining capacity.


While Obama was unsuccessful at putting a moratorium on oil drilling, he was able to accomplish the same thing by putting a stranglehold on oil refining which accomplishes the same thing. With 1/3rd of the country’s oil refining gone what do you think this will do to the economy? 

This was the inherent threat that Obama had presented for months. Either give him Cap and Trade or we will shut everything down through the EPA.
What do you think this will do to the economy of Texas.

Let's recap what has happened in the last 90 days.

Obama is going after Arizona and trying to cut off all border security aide while suing the state even though the state of Missouri has had  the identical Arizona immigration law for the last five years.
He is making no attempt to stop the oil leak in Louisiana. This is now affecting the economies of Louisiana, Texas, Georgia and Florida.

He is going after Texas and with this double whammy of shutting down the refineries and the oil spill the state that was doing the best in the country is now being taken down.

So far Obama has completely trashed five states and is in the process of destroying their economies. What chance do you think there is of a recovery-
Hope and change! Totalitarianism is here!"

"HOUSTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday officially overturned a 16-year-old Texas air permitting program it says violates the Clean Air Act, leaving some of the country's largest refineries in a state of limbo.The move comes after years of backdoor bickering, negotiations and public arguments between the EPA and Texas. The argument recently escalated from a battle over environmental issues into a heated political dispute over states' rights.

He has been using it to drive home his contention that President Barack Obama's administration is overreaching, saying in a statement Wednesday that "Texas will continue to fight this federal takeover of a successful state program".

"The EPA's decision, announced in a statement, will force some 125 refineries and petrochemical plants to invest millions of dollars to get new permits. Many of the plants may also have to invest in updates to comply with federal regulations."

Please see the previous entry from March 2010 outlining the details of why their goals are to destabilize America, as a free and prosperous America is the only thing standing in the way of the North American Union, as they advance towards the One World Government of the antichrist.

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