Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Below is the request from a written mailer from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee attempting to enlist monetary aid for the upcoming November elections.

Here is the text, verbatim, with comments in parentheses and emphasis mine:

"Personal Reply to President Obama

Dear President Obama,
You can count on me to stand with you and Speaker Pelosi in the 2010 Congressional election. We will not let Republicans seize control of Congress and repeal (overturn, do away with) the important strides (Obamacare and all the many government takeovers and tax increases and immoral legislation) we've made to move American forward." (into Socialism).

You can bet your bottom dollar, Obama and his cohorts have worked too hard to gain all the socialistic ground they have covered in such a short period of time, to let it just slip through their fingers by the voting of we, the "lowly"citizens.

The verbiage in this request makes it perfectly clear that they realize all their socialistic successes will be "repealed" and dematerialize if the Republicans "seize control of Congress.". 

Obama, whose aim appears to be world dictator WILL NEVER let this election come to pass if there is any chance whatsoever,that he will lose control along with the fact that all his previous socialistic advances paving the way to global ruler would be overturned.

This is why the pleas of the governor of Louisiana to help protect his state have been ignored for one month. 

Obama's non-response results in Governor Jindal not being allowed to implement measures to protect Lousiana.

Meanwhile, Obama is not having/allowing the federal government do anything of any consequence to protect the state.

 The president is just ignoring the situation (and Governor Jindal), twiddling his thumbs while the Gulf continues to fill with millions upon millions of gallons of oil with toxic dispersant also being tossed into the brew.

The following transcripts evidences the frustration of the governor: 

"JINDAL: The mayor and I met with the President in person here in Louisiana. We thought we were going to get an answer in hours. Every day, they tell us the answer is coming tomorrow.

KAYE (on camera): And it's been over a month?


JINDAL: It's been over a month.

KAYE: Since that meeting with the President?

JINDAL: It's been -- it's been -- tomorrow will be a month since we met with the President. It's been over a month since we asked for permission to do this plan.

KAYE (voice-over): Governor Jindal says he has given Washington three different plans to stop the oil. No action yet.

(on camera): How frustrating is that for you?

JINDAL: Well, what is -- and what's incredibly frustrating is that, for us, this is a fight to protect our way of life. All we're saying to the federal government is, lead or get out of the way; either help us, or don't -- at least don't stop us."

It should be beyond clear that the back up plan of martial law is why Obama is not only not helping the state of Louisiana protect itself but is also actually preventing their self-preservation by not giving them the approval needed.

What a perfect scenario necessitating the declaration of martial law so as to stay any elections. No elections mean no change in the governing powers. 

Obama, Pelosi and all their cronies would be in control indefinitely and could continue to pass all the nefarious legislation they want towards the completion of the socialism of America with the primary goal of the North American Union leading to the one world government:

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