Thursday, July 15, 2010


The Temple Mount Faithful, an organization whose main objective is the rebuilding of Israel's Third temple, issued this call, back in March 2010:

"An Urgent Call From Gershon Salomon, Chairman of the Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement, to All the Nations and to Everyone in the World: The pressures on Israel at this time that are coming from the East and the West indicate that the end-time war of the nations against the G-d and people of Israel, which was prophesied by the prophets of Israel to be the ultimate judgment upon the nations, is behind the door."  

Note that there have never been any such alerts or warnings by this group so, they are apparently seeing the end-time Psalm 83 War coming. 

Details of the Psalm 83 War may be located in this prior blog entry:

The Temple Mount Faithful recently completed the altar needed for Temple sacrifices.They now have succeeded in duplicating all the vessels and items needed in the Temple.

Please see this video that elaborates on the 3rd Temple preparation: 

There has even been a school built where the future temple priests have been being trained to conduct the Temple services and sacrifices.

Please see the following link for vast information regarding the amazing discoveries and the manufacture of the Third Temple artifacts as well as an embedded video regarding the priests'school:

In March 2010, the Sanhedrin (Jewish religious authorities) had even announced an Initiative calling upon the Jewish people in Israel and throughout the world to participate in the Korban Pesachis (sacrificial offerings).

Their plans, however, to resume the Korban Pesachis were unsuccessful because they were banned from the Temple Mount by the Muslims. 

The Islamic authorities have maintained control of the Temple Mount since 1967 and rarely will allow Jews to enter. If Jews are allowed upon the Temple Mount they are immediately arrested if they are even suspected of praying.

As such, it is clear that sacrificial offerings are definitely not a possibility until the Temple Mount is once again under Jewish control.

Keep in mind that there was no Sanhedrin for 1600 years until 2005, when they were reestablished. This is further proof of the end times that we are in. 

A pure red heifer (a red heifer without blemish) has been the only item that was still needed for Temple worship. That, of course, could not be duplicated by human hand. It had to be birthed on God's time frame. 

So, the red heifer has been all that is still needed for the 3rd Temple. Since the Temple Mount Faithful were prepared to initiate the daily sacrifices back in March of this year, it would appear as though they have everything completed that is cerermonially required for the Temple and Temple worship,including the red heifer.

They have not announced that they have a pure red heifer, but this may possibly for protection of the animal. 

The mere fact that they were planning the resumption of sacrifices this past Spring appears as though they would have to have a pure red heifer, as its ashes are needed for purification for service in the Temple. If this is indeed the case, the 3rd Temple is completely ready to go!


  1. This is truly AMAZING!! I really do believe we are in the End Times and that the Rapture will be happening very soon!!

  2. I agree Allison! Looking towards September to be very eventful!

  3. All of these events are truly eye opening and are definitely "signs of the times". However, I must remind us that orthodox Jews do not accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God or the true Messiah. As stated by the Temple Mount Faithful they are anticipating the arrival of their own "Mashiach Ben David". Remember that 2 Thess. 2:1-12 and Rev. 13th Chapter as well as many other biblical scriptures speak of the coming of the Anti-Christ and his ensuing campaign of lies, deception, and death. Consider what the Apostle Paul wrote in Galatians 4:22-31. Also, other biblical scriptures explain that born again Christian believers are children of promise by faith in Jesus Christ and are joint heirs with Christ. Jesus said in John the 14th chapter that he was going away to "prepare a place" for us. In conclusion, I will quote Jesus the true Son of God and Messiah when he said in Matthew 24:4 "Take heed that no man deceive you".

  4. There is no rapture. We need to prepare our hearts for tribulation. the next signifigant event is the temple being built.

  5. Of course Jesus Christ is not and never has been the name of the Messiah. The "J" for instance only came into the English language in the 1700's. We have a book in the Bible , once again the name has been changed but the Hebrew name was Yahshua or as incorrectly known today Joshua. The same denigration of the meaning of all the names has occred al over the bible. For instance Isaiah should be Isayah and Yeremyah,Ezekiel suffered badly his name should read Yechetzqyah plus there are many more. You will note many finish with the family name Yah as we cry out Halleluyah to the Heavenly Father. The names of Yahweh were replaced over 6800 times by the pagan title god and lord = baal. We have lost the meaning of all the names of the prophets as a result of these name changes.
    It is important to Yahweh and therefore us that we have his name in us and to us as he will only recognise those with his name in us Yahweh not a pagan title.