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Everyone is incredulously wondering why our president has been doing much of nothing to resolve the devastating crisis in our Gulf that has the potential to have wide spread effects that make Katrina pale in comparison.

Would like to interject the"motto"of this administration, to be mulled over while reading this presentation: 

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste…it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before –" Rohm Emanuel

When Obama finally visited Louisiana, the hardest hit thus far, Obama told the suffering and anguished people  that the "buck stops with me because I am the president." but he still has taken no proactive measures whatsoever at prevention or clean-up.
Obama's approval ratings continue to plunge due to his total non-action to resolve this ecological disaster that will effect millions if left unchecked. Today's polls shows Obama at an all time low with an approval rating of only 46%.  

It would seem that this plummet in ratings would be of grave concern to him politically, especially with the upcoming elections this November. This political downturn in public opinion should sprint Obama into action regarding this disaster.

However, to the contrary, Obama continues to twiddle his thumbs and drag his feet while the spill continues to inundate the beautiful Gulf with as much as 1 million gallons of crude oil gushing out each and every day.

Today's latest attempt by BP to control the leak was considered risky because slicing away a section of the 20-inch-wide riser could remove kinks in the pipe and temporarily increase the flow of oil by as much as 20 percent. 

As of today, this precarious attempt by BP has succeeded only in further increasing the flow of the river of oil by an extra 20%.Therefore, the deluge of oil gushing out is now increased by an additional 20% and Obama still has reported no plans to cease the flow or contain the spill.

Please note that all Obama has done in relation to the Gulf Oil Spill  has purely been lip service as the White House has neither attempted to to stop the oil flow nor ordered any massive clean up efforts even though this that has been going on now for 45 days.

To neglect such a serious and life-altering catastrophic event, it would be assumed that surely Obama must have other pressing and serious matters much more important and time sensitive to deal with, such as the numerous military conflicts we are involved in or concentrating on our many economic woes.

In fact, Obama recently responded that he "had a whole bunch of other stuff going on" that prevented him from even realizing that a key official overseeing the government's response had been terminated (either by quitting or resigning). Please see Sean Hannity's coverage of this:

"Now hours before the president took to the podium, a key official overseeing the government's response to the oil spill in the gulf abruptly resigned."

"Liz Birnbaum reportedly left her post as director of the Minerals Management Service this morning. And according to the AP, Interior Secretary Salazar announced her departure during a congressional hearing saying that she left on her own terms."

"However, when the president was asked today whether or not Birnbaum was fired or if she resigned the man who claims to be in complete control of the oil spill response, well, he said he didn't know. Take a look:"

"UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: I'm also curious as how it is that you didn't know about Miss Birnbaum's resignation/firing before —"

"PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, you're assuming it was a firing. If it was a resignation then she would have submitted a letter to Mr. Salazar this morning at a time when I had a whole bunch of other stuff going on."

"HANNITY: All right, so AP, the Interior secretary, members of Congress, they all knew that a key oil spill response official resigned but the president had no idea because he was busy?"

"Well, we thought we take a look at what was keeping him so busy. Now according to his schedule, he had a photo-op with the U.S. World Cup soccer team. Oh, and he also had to attend this important national security matter":
 "OBAMA: Congratulations to the 2010 Men's NCAA Basketball National Champions, the Bluke —

"OBAMA: The Duke Blue Devils. Give them a big round of applause."

"HANNITY: A big round of applause. Looks like another day of mixed-up priorities at this White House".,2933,593675,00.html

So, Obama was just too busy with the soccer team photo op and then the basketball team photo op to keep up with the officials who are  responsible for assessment/direction of any Gulf Oil Spill intervention.

Obama has been neglecting one of the worst catastrophes in America that could lead to worldwide oceanic devastation,so that he could instead entertain sports teams at the White House. There is something VERY wrong with this picture!!

As evidenced, our president is not only NOT concerned about the river of oil gushing into our beautiful Gulf but it can be perceived that Obama has  been virtually sitting on his hands regarding this ongoing devastation to our southeastern coastal areas. 

The fact that this depredation is causing the death of marine life including that of the commercial fishing industry and has also destroyed the marsh habitat of Louisiana is heartbreaking as it is ruining American lives.

Now the oil is now snaking it's way toward the sugar white beaches of our Alabama Gulf Coast as well as the Florida Panhandle.

This continuing outpouring of millions of gallons of oil has the potential to destroy both environmentally and economically,not only our southeastern seaboard, but also has a very real potential to devastate the oceans worldwide if left unabated.

America faithfully sends our troops to other countries to enlist disaster aid but NONE have been sent to aid this disaster of potentially Biblical proportions on our very own shorelines!

The oil that is fast approaching the beautiful beaches and tourist spots of the Alabama and Florida shorelines may indeed be a "game changer".

Last report was that the oil was approximately 7-8 miles away from the Alabama beaches. A family member vacationing there today was forced to hurriedly pack up and leave due to the strong smell of oil causing some respiratory distress. 

As the oil comes yet closer to shore, there may be more toxic fumes carried on the ocean breeze.

There have been online reports that there are toxins, such as benzene, in the fumes of the crude oil that can cause serious medical problems.

There has also been reports that there is a plan to mass evacuate the coastal regions and further inland areas when the oil reaches closer to shore, due to these toxic fumes.

Knowing that this serious potential scenario for possible life-threatening medical issues existed if the oil progressed to the point of reaching our southeastern coastline, our government should have been utilizing the military and all the scientific minds available and been doing all in its power  to protect not just our beaches and sea life, but our very population!

It is becoming more and more apparent why Obama has been virtually ignoring this threat to our southeastern states, fishing industry, tourism, economy and to our food supply and now to the health of our populace, who will be at risk from the toxic fumes the closer the oil blows inward to the shoreline.

Just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned we can see that  Obama (fiddled around) entertaining sports teams while our Gulf was flooding with the toxins in the millions upon millions of gallons of crude oil.

Nero waited while his plan for Rome to burn played out and Obama likewise has been waiting for his plan to play out and that is why Obama ordered no real intervention to resolve the outpouring or commence any real governmental cleanup.

The entire plot has been to allow the cataclysmic flow to continue so it would eventually reach shoreline. One objective is to destroy us economically as this will be the straw on the teetering camel's back of our economy.

The other objective is much more sinister and will be proven in the coming days, as the oil moves inland.

The powers that be are well aware that the crude oil contains gases such as benzene that would be causation for serious medical problems from these toxic fumes. 

This has been their main objective to begin with-it gives them ample reason to mass evacuate not only the coastal regions but much, much further inland due to the fumes. 

Such a mass exodus of citizens would require martial law to be implemented. Martial law has been their end goal and that is why they have just stood by and allowed this gusher to continue its path of devastation as they patiently waited for it to reach our shorelines.

Once, it is close to our beaches, the evacuation will be ordered and martial law will be implemented.
It all boils down to the fact that their end goal is a North American Union and eventually a one world global government, which we would have NEVER agreed to as a free people.

Mass evacuations necessitating martial law would take care of the whole "land of the free". Once martial law is instituted, there are no elections and there is no longer any "power of the people". Thus, those who are now in control would STAY in control!

The liberal socialists heading our government would therefore be in total and absolute control and we would be powerless to resist. 

This has been long in the making, but God does not slumber nor does He sleep. We can take refuge in Him: He,who is our strong tower!!!

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