Thursday, June 3, 2010


The previous blog entry outlined the possibility that martial law may be declared as a result of the unfettered oil spill continuing to poison our waters:

However, there is an even worse case scenario than just the declaration of martial law that may soon be coming.

The below assessment by Stephanie Pasco is very credible from not only a scientific basis but also from the standpoint of Biblical prophecy:

 "I agree that this is a well laid plan to enforce Martial Law. But, it's even darker than that. The rain now contains oil. Hurricane season is almost on us. Oil is being spread via rain and ocean spray. Once fierce lightening storms flare up there will be unstoppable fires fed from the rain, rather than aide the battle. The fires will be everywhere where the chemical dispersant/oil rain has fallen. 

The hurricane season will be of biblical proportions due to the super heating of the air an water from the oil cover. The gulf is stagnating as we speak. It gets worse than that. The food crops are being contaminated by the dispersant/oil rain. The food will be poisoned.

Once the Mississippi River is compromised no ships will be able to sail through her waters. The Mississippi is the main waterway to ship in food and all manner of items we depend upon for daily life. This is likely going to cause a famine of unknown proportions. I hope people have food set up. This year will be the death of the dollar, and any prosperity America has ever known. Disease, famine, Martial Law, FEMA Camps. That is how I see it. God knows I hope I am wrong.."

We have now embarked on the road to where circumstances may so quickly deteriorate in America to where Christians will no longer choose to tightly grasp the things of this world as the world environment becomes undesirable.

The birth pains are steadily increasing just as Jesus forewarned they would.

It a shame that it will take bad times for the majority of the people of God to change their priorities. As things worsen and the allures of the world fade into chaos, Christians will then FINALLY DESIRE for the Lord Jesus Christ to return!! 

Revelation 22:20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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