Friday, June 11, 2010


The White House has yet to give any formal response whatsoever to the Turkish flotilla "attack", but its actions are speaking much louder than any words that could ever be uttered.

Obama's attitude is very plain as he has now ever so graciously decided to give $400 MILLION DOLLARS of the American taxpayers to the Palestinians, whose leaders are from the terrorist group, Hamas.

Bear in mind, in relation to the "flotilla attack", that each and every ship transporting goods/humanitarian aid to Gaza has their cargo delivered to Gaza by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)  but only AFTER inspection of said cargo. 

This is necessary to ensure that there is no transfer of weaponry to the Palestinians as they have used and will use advanced weapons against the civilian population of Israel.

Those shipping such goods/humanitarian aid to Gaza are welcomed by the IDF to observe the process as well as to witness the actual receipt of their contributions by Gaza.

Therefore, the "flotilla attack" had no effect whatsoever to cause any decrease or disruption to either the supply or the transfer of "humanitarian aid" to the Palestinians. 

In fact, Israel, despite the naval blockade, allows THOUSANDS OF TONS of aid and food into Gaza DAILY.
That is why it is incredulous that Obama's only response to the flotilla incident has been to state that the"Gaza situation is unsustainable"while taking it upon himself to pledge 400 million American taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians who already receive THOUSANDS OF TONS of humanitarian aid DAILY:

"US looking to increase flow of goods to Gaza, pledges $400m. PA aid."

 "To that end, the White House announced Wednesday that it was contributing an additional $400 million to Palestinians. While the largest chunk is allocated for mortgage assistance in the West Bank, several smaller projects were dedicated to rebuilding schools, agriculture facilities and sewage systems in Gaza".

Even more mind-boggling is that out of these 400 million American taxpayer dollars, the " largest chunk is allocated for mortgage assistance in the West Bank."

So, our American president is pledging hundreds of millions of dollars of future taxes to be paid by the American populace to be allocated for mortgages for Palestinians.

All the while, the total of foreclosures for American families nationwide in May totaled "322,920 foreclosure filings"counted throughout the month, for a rate of one in every 400 U.S. households receiving a filing".

It should be no surprise that the president of the United States is backing the terrorist lead (Hamas) enemy of Israel with American taxpayer dollars while neglecting the American people with those same dollars.

As a sitting U.S. Senator in 2006, Obama wrote in his book "Audacity of Hope" referencing the Muslims: 
“I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
With the recent flotilla incident the"political winds" have certainly shifted in an "ugly direction". 

As evidenced by Obama's pledge of the additional 400 million American taxpayer dollars to the Palestinians, he is being true to his word and is standing with the Muslims- against Israel while harming the American public by neglect as well as the abuse of our taxpayer dollars.  

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