Sunday, June 27, 2010


Giant Oil Slick Headed For Grand Isle

A massive oil slick, described as "a tremendous plume" by the official, on a direct course to hit the Gulf Coast in 24-48 hours. It's said to be 32 miles long and several miles wide, with "fingers" of thick crude stretching in different directions both at sea level and below.

This tremendous plume of thick crude is threatening to make impact onto the coast of Louisiana. Please see the following Foxnews video for the complete report with aerial views of the pervading slick. 

As this massive plume of thick crude draws closer into shore, the residents of the area will be placed in harm's way as the crude oil is dangerous for not only the brain, but also to the skin and lungs:

"Experts have warned that the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico could have fatal short term and long term health effects on people - especially children and women.
Workers already involved in the clean up are particularly at risk, of course, and they are already reporting symptoms of all sorts, including physical injuries from slipping on the oil, plus heat and fatigue, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Crude oil is a complex mixture of petrochemicals that can affect your brain, skin, lungs and nervous system. Short-term effects include dizziness, euphoria, nausea, blurry vision and headaches caused by benzene, toluene, and xylenes in gasoline. Long term effects, caused by benzene could be leukemia and other cancers.

“A lot of those chemicals are neurotoxins, which means they affect the brain,” Discovery News quoted Tracey Woodruff, an associate professor and director of the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment at the University of California at San Francisco.

According to the professor, the danger is compounded by the fact that all the toxins can affect at one time and different toxins affect different people in variable manners."

As the well continues to billow out millions more gallons of oil into the Gulf, there will be the creation of even more massive slicks that eventually will reach other shores along our southern coastline.

Many more people will be put at physical risk when this happens. There will soon be only one option and that would be mandatory evacuation.

This evacuation of such a broad area and of so many residents would necessitate martial law. Under martial law, our freedoms are non-existent as full compliance with the governmental authorities is expected.

Please note that under a state of martial law, all elections are suspended and that all government officials in office stay in office and in control. What a perfect solution for the current career politicians and Obama to stay in power and in control and to avoid being "voted out"come this November.

Obama even refused help offered by other countries with expertise that wanted to participate in the clean up effort. So, not only has Obama done nothing to help, he actually prevented help from coming!

"Crucial offers to help clean up BP’s oil spill came “from Belgian, Dutch, and Norwegian firms that . . . possess some of the world’s most advanced oil skimming ships.” But the Obama administration didn’t accept their help,"

Therefore, the reason for the complacency of our president in this disaster is becoming more and more clear as the Gulf Oil spill worsens and its serious repercussions become more evident and grave. 

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