Monday, June 21, 2010


"White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is fond of saying, “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.” Well, the Obama Administration certainly has not let the British Petroleum (BP) Deepwater Horizon oil rig crisis go to waste, using it as a smokescreen to silently assault and further diminish American citizens’ personal freedom.

While the nation has its eyes and ears focused on the blame game ping-pong match between President Obama and BP top brass, President Obama on Thursday, June 10, quietly announced a new Executive Order establishing the “National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council.”

You will "change" to my liking!
You will "change" to my liking!

Claiming the “authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America,” President Obama has truly gone off the deep end this time in his most atrocious attempt to date to control every aspect of Americans’ lives.
According to the Executive Order that details the President’s “National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy,” the Council will be charged with carrying out ” lifestyle behavior modification” among American citizens that do not exhibit “healthy behavior.”
The President’s desired lifestyle behavior modifications detailed in Sec. 6 (c) focus on:
  • proper nutrition;
  • appropriate exercise;
  • mental health;
  • behavioral health;
  • sedentary behavior (see Sec. 3 [c]);
  • substance-use disorder; and
  • domestic violence screenings.

 Making matters even worse, if that is even possible at this point, President Obama will create an “Advisory Group” composed of experts hand-picked from the public health field and various other areas of expertise “outside the Federal Government.”

It can be seen how these "lifestyle" dictates could easily tie in with Obamacare as rationales for rationing care:

For example, smokers (besides Obama of course)with sedentary behavior may be omitted from receiving pulmonary or cardiovascular care due to these "abuses" of their bodies being  against Obama's mandates.

Please see the preceding blog entry that details Codex Alimentarius which for all practical purposes, is population control under the guise of consumer protection:

For the complete executive order wherein one man, Obama, is essentially ordering the future lifestyle do's and don't's that will mandatory for all Americans please see this link:

  "We knew that CODEX was right around the corner, and here it is, live and in color. Barry Soetoro, AKA Barack Hussein Obama, Imposter in Chief, on June 10, 2010, issued an Executive Order – Establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council. In short, the CODEX council. The entire Executive Order is attached, but please read this part and understand just what it is saying:
“Section 6 (g) contains specific plans to ensure that all prevention programs outside the Department of Health and Human Services are based on the science-based guidelines developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under subsection (d) of this section.”
In other words, ALL prevention programs, even those outside of the umbrella of the Department of Health and Human Services, must align with CDC guidelines, which are “science-based.” What do we take for prevention? Herbs and vitamins. Herbs that you grow in your backyard and vitamins that are not approved by your doctor do not fall under these “science-based” guidelines, and are not allowed. Therefore, this will effectively open the door to outlawing ALL disease prevention practices that use herbs and vitamins not prescribed by a doctor, and implement CODEX ALIMENTARIUS right here in the good old U.S.A."

Of course, the agenda of depopulation control through the dictates of Codex Alimentarius is completely unreported to the masses. 

These new dictates, passed under the radar, are for complete control of each and every American's every move. 

These mandates entitled " 'lifestyle behavior modification' among American citizens that do not exhibit 'healthy behavior.'” are just closer steps to dictatorial rule as we advance on the path towards global government and the one world rule by the antichrist!

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