Friday, October 1, 2010


Remember back when the BP oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico was splashed all over the daily headlines?

There was an occasional blurb in the news about certain bacteria present in saltwater that actually ingested the oil. 

Practically speaking, this news bite sounded encouraging; like a positive note as the oil would eventually be engulfed (no pun intended) and eventually removed by the bacteria. 

It gave hope that our Gulf might once again be clean and pristine.

However, the one downside that the media mentioned, in reference to the oil-eating bacteria, was that their presence depleted oxygen in the water. 

These type of bacteria are classified as aerobic, which essentially means that they require oxygen to grow and survive. 

Therefore, the result of the aerobic activity of these oil-ingesting bacteria is that the oxygen depleted water is killing marine life in the oil contaminated deep water. 

As a result, these lowered oxygen levels are decreasing the food supply in the deep (because of die off ). Consequently, this is sending sharks into the more shallow waters along the coastlines, in search of prey.

Please refer to the following detailed blog entry, as well as news video footage, regarding the unprecedented sighting of sharks near the shorelines of our beaches:

Note, in the following statement regarding the microbes (bacteria) that these "oil-eating bacteria are flocking to the spill in droves".

"But a study published today, which takes a look at the microbes themselves, finds that oil-eating bacteria are flocking to the spill in droves, though it's not clear how quickly they're digesting it."

This, of course. means more oxygen consumption by the "droves" of oil-eating bacteria resulting in more oxygen depletion. 

In turn, this translates into even more marine life/fish kills and thus driving even more of the larger predators (sharks) into more shallow water. 
This then leads to the endangerment of humans frolicking in the waters at the seashores of America's beaches.

As bad as this chain of events sounds, it gets worse, way worse. 

The millions upon millions of gallons of oil that these "droves" of microbes are feasting upon were purposefully sunk to the depths by the millions of gallons of toxic oil dispersant (Corexit).  

Therefore, to the media and accordingly,to the general population, the whole oil spill dilemma is "out of sight, out of mind".

In fact, the beaches have been cleaned and are all reopened. On the literal "surface", the water of the Gulf visibly appears back to normal. 

In fact, the FDA has even sanctioned fishing and states that the Gulf seafood is now completely safe for human consumption:

It's as if our government has declared the Gulf oil crisis resolved and completely over; that everything is back to business as usual and that life on our Gulf shorelines is all back to normal.

However, let us once again explore some details about the little microorganisms that are "helping us" by eating all that excess oil: 
"Will Oil-Eating Bacteria Plague the Gulf?"

 "As though the Gulf Coast states don't have enough to worry about with crude oil spewing into the water at an estimated rate of 5,000 barrels a day, they soon may also have to worry about bacterial plumes.

A microbe called Vibrio parahaemolyticus, common in warm coastal waters like the Gulf, thrives off of crude oil.  "You can feed it exclusively oil," Jay Grimes, a marine microbiologist at the University of Southern Mississippi, said of the Vibrio species."

"When ingested by humans, usually from eating raw oysters, Vibrio and related organisms can cause cramps, nausea, and can sometimes be fatal.  More than 4,500 people are infected with the bacteria each year.

Though harmful to humans, these single-cell organisms aid in keeping the ocean healthy by eating naturally seeping oil. Without their presence, the world's oceans would be covered in a thick film of oil.

The organisms surge in response to hydrocarbons, molecules made up of bonded hydrogen and carbon, which are naturally found in oil."

As stated, these organisms "surge" in the presence of the compounds found in oil as they thrive on it. 

There is no telling the ratio of the "surge" that has now occurred with the spillage of untold millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf on which for these bacteria to feed and proliferate.

God created a delicate balance in nature for these microbes to maintain the oceans by eating naturally seeping oil. 

The unnatural introduction of millions and millions of gallons of oil into one general region has greatly upset that sensitive balance.
This past unusually hot summer with warmer than normal ocean temperatures would be conducive to bacterial growth alone.

Add the increased availability of nutrients (oil) and these organisms would rapidly thrive and flourish. 

As such, the concentration of these pathogenic (disease causing) organisms could skyrocket in the waters of the Gulf.

As bad as this may all sound, there is one more slight detail that was never even alluded to in all the brevity of sound bites regarding the oil-eating bacteria. 

A species of the Vibrio bacteria that eats oil also has a propensity for human flesh; it is related to the strain of the potentially fatal, flesh-eating bacteria.

In fact, there have been several recent deaths of coastal residents by this flesh-eating bacteria; directly related to contaminated Gulf water or seafood. 

Some of the victims were just innocently wading at the water's edge and contracted the deadly bacteria from a perfectly clean and harmless appearing surf.

Please see the below link for news details with accompanying video from locals news stations covering the fatalities:

Previously, there was a blog entry covering the possibility of this current year's hurricane season causing a deluge of oil rain to rain down on coastal as well as inland areas:

There has been little talk or recognition about the aberrant behavior of this year's hurricane activity. 

This has been an anomalous year for hurricanes as not one has entered into the Gulf, across the oil spill area, as is usually the norm.

It is quite bizarre how all of this season's hurricanes have either been diverted along our eastern coastline or towards Central America; with none affecting the southern coastal states as they usually trek towards.

It could be that the vast oil spill in the Gulf is affecting/stagnating the currents that usually pull storm systems into the Gulf. 

One hurricane specialist noted that it was as if there was a "physical force" preventing the hurricanes from entering the Gulf.

Perhaps there is an actual physical force protecting the residents of the coastlines, as well as the interior of America. 

The actual Hand of God may have been staying the hurricanes from traveling over and churning up the oil spill contaminated waters. 
In addition, the creator God may be preventing the spread of the deadly disease caused by the virulent bacteria thriving off the massive oil spill in the Gulf. 

He may purposefully be precluding the potential of a Gulf based hurricane raining down pathogenic, flesh-eating, bacteria-laced rain on an unsuspecting populace.

Whatever is happening, we can see that things are not normal; contrary to what is being projected. We are in the last days and drawing nearer, by the day, to the coming Tribulation period. 

May we continue to watch and pray that we may be accounted worthy the escape the wrath to come and to stand before the Son of Man!

Luke 21:36 Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man

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