Friday, October 1, 2010


Even though great white sharks have been spotted in the past on our northeastern coastline and the region is considered one of their habitats, there has never been such an  apparent influx of these giant predators into these waters resulting in such increased amounts of sightings:   

"Nearly a dozen great whites were been spotted off the shore of Cape Cod in the last week alone. Swimming has been banned indefinitely on some beaches.  

Now the hunt is on for the monstrous sharks.   

Fact is, sharks of all kinds have made their way to northeast beaches this summer, leading to warnings, beach evacuations and scares for swimmers."

The fact that "sharks of all kinds have made their way to northeast beaches this summer" to the point that there have been beach evacuations is in itself both concerning and perplexing.   

Meanwhile, the conundrum has expanded all the way across our nation, onto America's opposite coastline, where great whites have been spotted "closer to the shore than they have in the past":   

"While it is not unusual for sharks to migrate to the coast of San Diego this time of year, they are coming closer to the shore than they have in the past. According to Fox News the Great Whites have been sighted about 50 yards off shore."   

"This is becoming the summer of the shark off Southern California, where sightings or alleged sightings of great whites seem to be made every few days."  

"The latest known sighting occurred Sunday off La Jolla Shores, a popular San Diego County surf spot.   

Lifeguards estimated the shark -- based on the size of its shoreward-bound dorsal fin -- to measure 15-20 feet and issued warnings to surfers and swimmers from La Jolla Cove to Scripps Pier".  

There is no scientific theory yet revealed regarding this recent abnormal behavior of these mammoth, deadly sea creatures to where "they are coming closer to the shore than they have in the past."   

Notable is that due to the also unusually high sightings of great whites, it is now being labeled "the summer of the shark" off Southern California:   

"This is becoming the summer of the shark off Southern California, where sightings or alleged sightings of great whites seem to be made every few days.  

Investigation into this mysterious and disturbing event would have to include knowledge of the waters to which great whites are normally indigenous to: 

HABITAT Great white sharks are found near shore along most of the temperate (not very hot and not very cold) coastlines around the world. 

DISTRIBUTION Great white sharks have been observed along the coastlines of California to Alaska, the east coast of the USA and MOST OF THE GULF COAST, Hawaii, most of South America, South Africa, Australia (except the north coast), New Zealand, the Mediterranean Sea, West Africa to Scandinavia, Japan, and the eastern coastline of China and southern Russia.

Puzzling is the fact that there have been no reported sightings of great whites in the Gulf of Mexico region even though their habitat also includes "most of the Gulf coast".   

All the while, there have been excessive sighting of these sharks along an extended area of the southern shore of California as well as an extensive area of the Northeastern coastal states area.  

In addition to the unprecedented great white sightings along the northeastern coastline, as previously mentioned, "sharks of ALL KINDS have made their way to northeast beaches this summer".  

As such, it may be concluded that this could also be considered the "summer of the shark" along the northeastern shoreline of America as well as along our opposite, southwestern coastline.   

Please refer to the previous blog entry that elaborated on the inevitably of such future events regarding the various shark species as a direct result of the Gulf oil disaster:

Theoretically, it is very plausible that the unimaginable amount of dead zones created by the massive Gulf oil spill has caused the sharks to flee the toxic waters of the Gulf seeking uncontaminated areas (such as our southwestern and eastern coastlines).  

In order for these eating machines to locate food this would be a necessity as much of the food chain that they are dependent on, no longer exists in the Gulf anymore.

Perhaps God has mercifully tried to divert the attention of Americans who flock to the nation's beaches every summer by making our treasured beach destinations, dangerous and undesirable.   

This has been easily accomplished by either the massive quantities of crude oil and toxic dispersants and now sharks. Either way, it is no longer completely safe to frolic in any of the waters of our coastlines.

God may thus be allowing this worldly distraction to be removed in these last days to enable mankind to focus on Him, instead of the pursuit of earthly pleasure. 

The creator of the universe may well be using it also as a signal to show us just how abnormal our world is becoming as we steadily draw closer to the end of time.  

Either way, the intentions would be the same:  

To draw humans away from focusing on the material and temporal, in order to foment the realignment of our focus towards the Lord, the giver of life and towards eternity, which is everlasting

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