Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Everyone knows the basic mechanics of earthquakes and that they occur due to slippage of faults, at fault lines.

So it is well realized that earthquakes originate from the sudden movements of the earth's tectonic plates, close to the earth's surface, along zones of pre-existing weakness called faults.
As such, great earthquakes are associated with major faults (cracks) in the crust. When the faults are locked tightly together, the strain accumulates without producing earthquakes. When the faults relax, the rocks slip and shake the earth.
Incredible as it is, there was NO fault at or near Christchurch, New Zealand, prior to the September 2010 massive 7.0 quake!! 

Instead, it is widely reported that last year's huge quake actually "ripped a new fault line in the Earth's surface".

"New Zealand Quake Rips New Fault."

"The powerful earthquake that smashed buildings, cracked roads and twisted rail lines around the New Zealand city of Christchurch also ripped a new fault line in the Earth's surface, a geologist said Sunday".

"Earth's surface 'lurches 11ft to the right' as New Zealand earthquake rips new fault line".

"The earthquake that devastated a city in New Zealand tore open a new 11ft fault line in the Earth’s surface."

"The 7.1-magnitude quake which hit Christchurch, the country’s second-largest city, destroyed about 500 buildings and caused an estimated £930million of damage."
The Prime Minister of New Zealand
, "who visited earthquake-stricken parts of the country's South Island over the weekend, said 430 houses and another 70 buildings had already been earmarked for demolition by assessment teams."

"About 100,000 of the 160,000 homes in the Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri areas had sustained some damage, he added."

"I was awe-struck by the power of the earthquake and the damage it has caused in the city," he told reporters. "It was miraculous that nobody was killed."
 The scientific awareness of normal plate tectonics as the cause of earthquakes, gives deeper meaning to the supernatural significance of the 7.0 quake in Christchurch, New Zealand in the fall of 2010.

As had been reported, the earth's surface just "lurched" and ripped a new fault line. 

This event is surely phenomenal and shows the handprint of God as the crust just ripped open, while sparing the lives of the entire populace of the city.

 As the Prime Minister stated "It was "miraculous that nobody was killed".


Even though there were more than 100,000 buildings suffering damage and more than 500 structures so severely damaged that they are slated for demolition, there were no casualties.


This is another factor that is confounded the experts. What are the chances that out of more than 500 buildings being destroyed at 4:35 am when most residents would be at home,sleeping, that no lives would be lost?


Only two people out of the city's 348,400 residents sustained serious injuries even though "When the earthquake finally ended the city looked like a scene from a horror film".

 "Only two serious injuries were reported from the quake as chimneys and walls of older buildings were reduced to rubble and crumbled to the ground. Prime Minister John Key said it was a miracle no one was killed."
God mercifully allowed none to perish and only two to be seriously injured with this sign that He has surely presented to us  

Apparently, God used the city named CHRISTCHURCH in which it was scientifically impossible to experience an earthquake. 

 It therefore appears evident that the God of Heaven ripped open the crust because previously there was NO FAULT LINE at or near Christchurch New Zealand, but there is now!


 Research on the other "Christchurch" city on our globe, which is in Barbados, shows that it IS on a fault line.


So, the difference between the two is that the Christchurch in Barbados is on a fault line whereas Christchurch, New Zealand was not.


 It appears that the Lord purposefully used the "Christchurch" where an earthquake was impossible according to plate tectonics, so as to prove it was His intervention.


 Interesting to note, New Zealand's main commercial activity is the raising of sheep.


 The fact that sheep are representative of New Zealand further evidences the strong possibility that this is a signal from the Lord to His sheep, the flock of Jesus Christ! 


John 10:27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.


It is now time for those who belong to the risen Christ, to hear His voice and divert their focus from the world onto Him, so they can truly be His followers!

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