Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This week's deadly 6.3 quake in Christchurch, New Zealand may be very significant, especially considering the supernatural implications surrounding the Sept. 2010 quake that indicated that it was a merciful forewarning:

Please see the following entry for the miraculous details:

As the astonishing facts attest, it appears as if the protection of human lives in the 7.0 earthquake was nothing short of divine providence.

Notable is the fact that there has been a ongoing swarm of earthquakes in Christchurch, from September 2010 to present, numbering upwards to 5000.

There does indeed seem to be a message from God in these earthquakes at Christchurch, being sent to Christ's Church

The September 7.0 quake appears to have been a forewarning to the Church to wake from their slumber and to prepare for the return of Jesus Christ.

Not coincidentally, the September quake occurred during the middle of the night, while most of Christchurch slept.

Interestingly, most of the Church did not heed the first wake up call and continues to remain asleep; oblivious to the many signs that the Lord has been mercifully sending to warn us that we are approaching the end of the age. 

This second,deadly quake at Christchurch may indicate that the Lord is trying to literally shake those who profess to belong to Him, out of their complacency.

It also illustrates that those who refuse to wake up and release their grip on the things of the world and draw close to Him; may suffer severe repercussions as the Tribulation draws closer and closer.

The recent quake also sent a clear message to the the Church of Jesus Christ with the toppling of the spire of an iconic Christchurch cathedral.

A spire atop a church represents reaching up to God. Thus, the removal of this spire may represent the current apathy and indifference of worldwide Christians;many who have become lukewarm as their true love and devotion seems to be for the things of this world and it's fleeting pleasures.

This toppling/removal may signify what can be expected for those who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior but give Him not the priority He demands and deserves:

"Witnesses said the quake destroyed the iconic stone Christchurch Cathedral, its spire toppled into a central city square.." 

 May the true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha Mashiach wake up from their slumber and gather the extra oil needed for the trying days ahead, while we wait for the coming of the Bridegroom!


  1. The Lord shook the church while it slept.
    The question is now, will it wake up?

  2. The first quake was a soft and friendly warning (nobody died), the latter was severe.
    I am wondering, will there be a third or not? And how would that third one be?

  3. one god as you say is a medievil thing that is all they could understand

    two we are in the 21st centry god does not exist science prooves this

    third if god did exist and you still like him he would be classed as a mass murderer no better then ppl like osama bin laden etc..

  4. Tolson, Bible prophecy coming to pass before our eyes authenticates the sovereignty of God.

    God is allowing the Words of the Bible come alive before our eyes so that many may realize who He is and repent and accept the gift of eternal salvation before it is too late.

    God is righteous and just and His mercy is why the first massive Christchurch earthquake had NO casualties and just a couple sustained injuries.

    God's mercy is being extended to mankind as these unusual events coming to pass are being used as warning signs that we are at the end of the age.

    We can choose to ignore the warning signs and be left behind to face the righteous wrath of God on an unrepentant world or we can accept His merciful grace of salvation.

    If we repent and accept Jesus as Savior and give Him lordship over our lives, we will be removed prior to the wrath that will be soon poured out on the world.

    Also, we will avoid entering hell for eternity and can live with the Lord forever in Heaven, a place of undescribable beauty and joy.

    It is a choice that is up to each person.

    If one chooses to scoff, then there will be literal hell to on earth during the upcoming Tribulation and eternally, in the fires and torment of hell.

  5. sweet i welcom hell then but it dont exist so i think i am fine ;)

  6. Toslon,

    If I and other believers are wrong there is no big deal.

    On the other hand, if you are wrong and hell DOES exist, there is hell to pay (literally).

    Please see that as world events worsen that the Bible is coming to pass before our very eyes and that God's Word is TRUE.

    God prophesied the end from the beginning to prove HE IS GOD. Please SEE HIS PROOF that is happening in our world this very day and believe upon His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal salvation.

    Let not the pride in your own wisdom land you in eternal flames. Eternity never ceases!

  7. scientifically its impossible
    and if it real god seems like more of a twat then the devil