Thursday, January 6, 2011


Again, I would like to share some very astute observations by my friend, R.Johnson, regarding the alarming and growing massive die offs of fish, birds and marine mammals worldwide:

"I just can not buy the suggestions being given that all of the dead fish, seals, whales, crabs, and birds dropping from the sky or washing up on the shore in massive numbers all around the globe within the first six days of 2011 are isolated events. 

If these were massive numbers of people dropping dead instead of fish and birds, would... we be accepting all of these isolated explanations? I don't think so. 

People are gullible, but not completely ignorant. It is too numerous to be coincidence. It is too global to be irrelevant. The question is:

1. Is it man caused on purpose or by accident?


2. Is it G-d caused and part of the birth pains Jesus told us would occur, or part of the tribulation we all hope we were correct in figuring out that the faithful and obedient ones would avoid?

Just realized that both could be true because G-d might choose to use man, as He has done in the past, to bring about His Will and exact punishment.

I'm keeping my flying goggles on, making sure all my flight instruments are working, and preparing for take off. 
 Advising all Christians to perform a preflight assessment and file a flight plan with God."

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  1. I totally agree with your conclusion. God uses man many times to do his purpose.