Monday, January 3, 2011

How much shaking does it take for the world to realize that we are in the last days??

It is only 2 days into 2011 and we have had TWO magnitude 7.0 or greater earthquakes! 


"Major 7.1-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chile


A magnitude-7.1 earthquake shook southern Chile on Sunday, prompting tens of thousands to flee the coast for higher ground amid fears it could generate a tsunami like the one that ravaged the area last year. 


There were no reports of deaths or damage, and Vicente Nunez, head of the National Emergency Office, said no tsunami alert was issued.

"There has been no harm to people, no harm to property," Nunez said. "We will continue monitoring."

"Earthquake Hits Argentina Is 7.0 Magnitude

January 01, 2011 
A magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck northern Argentina early on Saturday morning. The powerful quake dissipated very deep, so it wasn't felt far away. Nearby towns barely shook. 

Usually if a tremor is shallow the force of the quake goes deep into the Earth, and fewer people feel it, as was the case in Argentina on Saturday.

What is going on with all these natural disasters? Quakes and tremors have occurred in places that rarely get them such as Oklahoma and Indiana. 

On Friday a tornado killed and injured many in Missouri and Arkansas, and it is a rare occurrence to have a tornado in late December."

On December 21st, just ten days prior to these 2011 tremblors, there happened to be a huge 7.4 magnitude quake in Japan. Incredibly there were no injuries and no tsunami resulting.

Incredulously, the data from November 30, 2010 to date shows that there have been EIGHT massive worldwide earthquakes with magnitudes between 6.5 and 7.4; none with any injuries whatsoever:

These most recent "big ones" on both days of this brand new year were in different countries; Chile and Argentina.


The locations of these 2011 quakes are a considerable distance from one another.


If the second, more recent one in Chile, had been in close proximity, then it might could even be considered a large aftershock to the preceding one in Argentina. 


However, the locations are far enough apart that this is not the case and both of these events are independent high magnitude quakes.


This back to back occurrence is bound to be highly unusual.


Please recall that in September of last year we had the 7.0 quake in Christchurch which even though occurring over a large metropolitan area, resulted in no casualties and only only moderate injury.


Please see previous blog entry detailing this:


Following this, there has been an unprecedented,  continuous earthquake swarm at Christchurch which continues to date, with the latest tally now at 4,190.


Please refer to the blog entry covering this anomaly:


The New Year's Day earthquake in Argentina is an anomaly itself, with a immense depth that is rarely seen:

"... its epicenter was so deep that it gave only a light shake to towns nearby."

The U.S. Geological Survey said Saturday that the quake, initially registered at 6.9, hit at 6:56 a.m. about 150 kilometers (115 miles) northeast of Santiago del Estero at a depth of 563 kilometers (350 miles).


The average depth for earthquakes from 1980 through the present, in kilometers, is high 50's with 95 km being the very deepest. Please see below graph documenting this:

The increased incidence of major magnitude earthquakes along with this rare quake with extreme depth makes one wonder how close we are getting to the end of days.

The conjunction of these unprecedented quakes with the  dizzying signs of the end times appears to pointing to the soon return of the Lord and beginning of the Tribulation period.

For a while now we have been witnessing the jockeying towards global government along with unprecedented global disasters such as flooding, tornadoes, cyclones, drought and raging fire. 

Let's not forget the economic instability of the entire globe which alone proves the signs of the end times are upon us.

Perhaps all this recent massive and deep shaking indicates that the depths of hell are being enlarged to prepare for the multitude of lost human beings.

Those whose focus is aligned on the "pomp" of this world will enter in during the upcoming Tribulation period.

 Isaiah 5:14   
Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it. 

These seismic events may actually be a twofold preparation for the end of the age.

Important to note is the fact that no injuries are reported from these current major quakes.

Just like the 7.0 Christchurch earthquake back in September, God appears to be mercifully trying to get mankind's attention!

Our creator may allow the world to change and purposefully "shake it up" in order for the people to see just how hollow and useless their earthly pursuits are-

In all probability, the focus of many would instantly turn form the distractions of these fleeting earthbound lives, to God, if the world turned upside down!

May those who truly belong to Yeshua see that it is now time to draw near to Him and start forsaking the deceptive cares of this world.

"Awake, awake, oh sleepers!"

It is past time for us to give unto Him the priority He deserves.  Let us give unto Him willingly and not have to be literally "shaken" out of our spiritual slumber.






  1. Marsha-Yeshua is coming very soon! Look up for your redemption is drawing near! Be prepared, don't let the day come upon you unaware!

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