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Below are some of the many devious plans that have been deivised to speed us down the slipperly slope towards a socialized America:

"Why Obama wants control of the census" by John Fund, on White House hopes to find "missing" Democratic voters in the 2010 count."

"Soros group preparing to steal 2012 election" by Matthew Vadum, who shows Stalin was right in saying, "The people who count the votes decide everything"
 "Is Obama's $789 billion buying votes instead of jobs?" by Drew Zahn, on studies showing "stimulus" funds were spent on Democrats, not unemployment."

"How to lock Democrats in power" by James Simpson, who exposes strategies the party is using to engineer a new electorate ."

"Incarcerated felons have right to vote, rules court" by Art Moore, who shows that surveys show prisoners overwhelmingly favor Democrats ."

"'Voters think ACORN steals elections" – one quarter of Americans believe the disgraced group tied to Obama affected the outcome of the 2008 election "

"Obama adviser: Amnesty will ensure 'progressive' rule" by Aaron Klein. Boasts the SEIU executive, "Can you imagine 8 million new voters who care about our issues?"

"The Democrats' technological thuggery" by Phil Elmore, on violence, abuse, libel, slander and propaganda in the service of power ."

"Other Democrats are pushing for new media controls over talk radio and the internet"

"The American people now know that Obama and the Democrats in Congress have little regard for their opinion -- not to mention the legislative process."

"Millions of Americans who had hoped President Obama and the Congress would be pragmatic, now know this hope was simply an illusion.""

The IRS's dreaded agency's ranks would swell by 16,500. The newly sworn agents would be charged with ensuring the public's obedience to Mr. Obama's health care directives. The IRS also would enjoy the enhanced powers and budgetary authority required for monitoring the health care status of 300 million Americans on a month-to-month basis. The total cost of the effort is likely to exceed $10 billion.

"In the middle of the greatest economic crisis in the nation's modern history, President Obama rammed through Congress a plan that will cost taxpayers $1 trillion and add new taxes as it adds 30 million new people to the health care rolls.With huge mandates on private insurers, those of us who pay insurance today will soon see our rates rise dramatically. We who have followed this debate know the truth and dangers of Obamacare."

"We now face greater looming battles ahead as Obama is already promising to give citizenship to 12 million illegal aliens.This is nothing more than attempt to add new Democratic voters to the electoral rolls to skew elections in 2010 and 2012."

All of the "changes" that Obama promised have been plotted for decades and now, at the end of the age, are being allowed as they are the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

The Democrats are also promising to push through Cap-and-Trade legislation that will add massive costs for energy upon businesses and consumers. This is of course, AGAINST the will of the people as the increased costs will break American families for a fabricated "ecological crisis".

This in itself could cripple all Americans as Obamacare will already tax us to our limit and the increased energy costs of Cap-and -trade (for their fictitious "global warming") will be beyond the capablility of most of the American citizenry to afford to pay.

Obama's next detrimental legistlation that he will try to ram through Congress, again against the will of the majority of Americans, is the "Immigration Reform Bill". This is basically amnesty for all the illegals to where they are rewarded for their illegal entry by giving them all citizenship! As American citizens they will be eligible for all the "entitlement" programs as well as the right to vote!

There is not money in the coffers of Social Security for the many who earned it through many long years of hard labor as LEGAL Americans. Now, they want to throw countless millions into the pot who may be either jobless or unskilled labor and thus be just a further burden on America's huge deficit as they join ranks with the multitudes that are receiving all the government "goodies".

The following is taken from an email I just received:

"President Obama said he supports a four-pillared famework for comprehensive immigration reform put forward by Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC). This bi-partisan plan is the first step toward writing legislation that is truly fair to families, workers and our communities.

It's time for congress to take on immigration reform -- and President Obama knows that supporting the Schumer-Graham framework is an important move toward fixing our broken immigration system in 2010."

Notice they plan on "fixing" the immigration system in 2010!

Obama will ramrod this through Congress just like he did Obamacare! He will insure it is accomplished just in time to save the Democrats from their sure defeat in November by adding millions of thankful illegals to the electorate who want to show their gratitude to Obama and his party for their graciousness in rewarding their illegal acts.

This may be proverbial straw that breaks America economically. So, this move by Obama will be right on target in his goal to financially devastate us and thus depower us, in his move towards his planned dictatorship.

So, yes this is a big advance on their road to socialism that will mean the loss of all of our Constitutional rights as the Constitution will be successfully nullified by this Adminstration. However, there is yet a bigger rationale behind this planned "amnesty".

The purpose is to broaden Democrat voters through the rewarding of all of the rights enjoyed by the actual LEGAL citizens to these untold milllions. Their agenda is to bring us to the point that we will be outnumbered and Obama and his cronies can NEVER be voted out and they can continue to pass any nefarious legislation that they want.

Tyrannical America, here we come!!

IRS agents would conduct the audits and impose a fine of either $2,085 or 2.5 percent of income - whichever is greater - on disobedient households. According to Congressional Budget Office figures, this tax will generate $17 billion by 2019.

Of course, not everyone will pay. The Democrats carved out exemptions for two of its favorite constituencies: illegal aliens and imprisoned criminals. Only law-abiding citizens will face the wrath of the IRS - a wrath that can be substantial."

This following excerpt from a news article dated April 6, 2010, shows how the IRS is "evolving" to be Obama's "hit-men" via their "robust and evolving enforcement program that ensures that everyone pays what they owe.”

Notice that the IRS is launching a GLOBAL PROGRAM. Why is the IRS, part of the United States of America's government involved in a GLOBAL PROGRAM to target ‘High Wealth Individuals' ??

IRS Launches New Global Program to Target ‘High Wealth Individuals'

"Tuesday, April 06, 2010
IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman speaking at the National Press Club on Monday, April 5, 2010 ( photo/Penny Starr)( - The Internal Revenue Service has launched a new global program to target what it calls “high wealth individuals,” IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman said Monday."

“Through our new global high wealth operating unit we are taking a unified look at the entire web of business and economic entities controlled by high wealth individuals so we can better assess the risk such arrangements pose to tax compliance,” Shulman said at the National Press Club on Monday."

Shulman said the IRS is using “our robust and evolving enforcement program that ensures that everyone pays what they owe.”"

If we thought the IRS was intrusive before, just wait and see what Obama's new and improved version is!

The IRS will ultimately beome Obama's thugs to punish law-abiding Americans for not obeying the dictatorial regulations hidden within Obamacare.

Proverbs 29:2 "....when the wicked rule, the people groan."

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  1. Its going to be interesting what the pastors in America will be saying when a world leader over all the nations introduces the mark of the Beast.