Sunday, May 5, 2013

Will we, the living TEMPLES of God, be liberated SOON??

Add all these AMAZING facts together with the video below=JESUS IS COMING SO VERY SOON!!

The ONLY time the Israelites celebrated the Second Passover was in 2 Chronicles 30 & they celebrated it for (14) FOURTEEN days=2 weeks of Unleavened Bread.

Second Passover therefore is from April 25th to May 9th this year. It started with a lunar eclipse where the moon turned to blood & it ends with a solar WEDDING ring eclipse.

The WEDDING RING eclipse will create a ring of fire just after NOON Australian time where they will see the eclipse, at the EXACT SAME time the New Moon starts!

The eclipse goes from May 9th-May 10th.

Also, Jerusalem Day, celebrating the liberation of the TEMPLE in 1967, is May 8th.

It is on the same EXACT day this year as the ASCENSION OF JESUS!

It marks FORTY-SIX (46) years since the TEMPLE Mount was liberated.

"The Jews then said, "It took FORTY-SIX (46) years to build this TEMPLE, and will You RAISE IT UP IN THREE DAYS?" John 2:20

Will we, the living TEMPLES of God, be liberated AND RAISED sometime during this THREE DAY time frame, from MAY 8th-10th?

All the multitude of signs appear to point from this time frame of May 8th-10th, all the way through Shavout/Pentecost (May 14th- May 19th, at the latest).


  1. excellent video!i enjoyed it.i pray you are right and the rapture is on Pentecost.thanks,robert erives

  2. Gina, thanks so much for posting this information! I think you are right on about a Pentacost/Shavout Rapture. So much points to this. Of course all you shared about Moses at Mt. Sinani, then Enoch [picture of the Church] being born and raptured on the 6th of Sivan [shauvout]. Then the Church being born on the 6th of Sivan [Pentacost], establishing a pattern. But last night Holy Spirit impressed something very important on my heart that absolutely confirmed a Pentacost Rapture. Holy Spirit reminded me that Shavuot concluded the 50 days of counting the Omer, which at Mt. Sinai marked the establishment of a 7 year sabbitacal cycle that would conclude with a year of Jubilee [day of Atonement] in the 50th year. Every year, the 50 days of counting the Omer [concluding on Shavuot/Pentacost] was a reminder of the coming Jubilee. It is Noteworthy that The Jubilee Year was announced by the sounding of a trumpet [just like at Mt. Sinai] on Shavuot/Pentacost. You may or may not know this, but Shauvot/Pentacost [6th of Sivan] 2017 marks the conclusion of the Jubilee Year [since Israel acquired Jerusalem in 1967]. I feel this is a HIGH WATCH time for us. We may very well be hearing the "Trumpet Call of God" soon!