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Now we will delve into more incredible  information that appears to substantiate even further, the premise we are fast approaching the beginning of either the Tribulation period or more probable, the beginning of the period of the Great Tribulation.

Please refer to Part 1 of this series examining the "blood moon" tetrads. The facts contained therein evidence that at the time of Creation, God placed celestial signals in the heavens, to relay the precise timing of the latter days:

The rarity of these lunar eclipses occurring on God's Feast Days of Passover/Tabernacles, correlating perfectly with major historical events pertaining to His chosen people of Israel, attests that they are indeed divinely placed markers of the last days.

For additional information regarding the tetrads, please see the following video which outlines these astronomical harbingers with an easy to understand graph:

Before going into further detail, first some facts that are vital to the comprehension of the newly discovered factors, need to be covered:

1)The Feast Days set forth in the Book of Leviticus are not just for the Jews. God literally says that they are HIS appointed Feasts. Since the Feasts belong to the Lord, they are to be observed by ALL who belong to Him, both Jew and Gentile.

2) God's Feast Days are actually dress rehearsals of His plan of redemption. This is why He gave them to us; to show us His plan for all the ages.

3)A Biblical day count goes from sunset to sunset. The day begins at sunset.

4) A Biblical year is according to the lunar, not solar calendar. Therefore, a Biblical year is 360 days, as opposed to the 365 days of our Gregorian calendar.

5) 49 / 50 years is approximately equal to the time God decreed to be a Jubilee. A Jubilee year was mandated by God as a time for all debts to be forgiven. The land was to actually change hands to the original owners and all slaves were to be set free.
6) A Jubilee year could only be proclaimed on the Lord's appointed Feast, the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur, by the High Priest.

Most eschatologists concur that the Second Coming Of Jesus, Yeshua HaMashiach, must culminate on a Jubilee year. When the King of Kings returns in glory, He will be coming to redeem the Earth and release mankind from the bondage of sin.

Liberty will be declared "throughout the land" and all captives will be set free:

Leviticus 25: 10 And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a JUBILEE unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.

The question at hand is therefore, when is the next Jubilee year? By arriving at that conclusion, we can theorize that the  Day of Atonement in that particular year will be the date of the Second Coming, when the Messiah returns to liberate all.

There are several reliable formulas that all appear to arrive at the same year. There is one simple one that appears to be indisputable proof, all by itself.

The starting date is June 7, 1967. This is the day that modern day Israel recaptured Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. This is the first time since the time of Christ that both were transferred back into the hands of the original owners, the people of Israel.

This precisely meets the requirement of a Jubilee year and with the possessions most dear to God, His Holy City of Jerusalem and His Temple Mount.

The Jubilee begins at on the fiftieth year. Therefore, we will take June 7, 1967 and add 49 Biblical years (of 360 days each) to determine the next Jubilee.

49 years of 360 days added to June 7, 1967  lands DIRECTLY on the Day of Atonement 2015, September 23, 2015, to the very day!

Bear in mind that the blood moon tetrads point precisely to the Lord's Feast of Tabernacles in 2015! The Feast of Tabernacles is God's appointed Feast that begins a mere ten days after the Day of Atonement.

For further details of how intricate these appointed Feasts are, in relating God's prophetic plan please see:
This fact that the fiftieth year of the Jubilee, that can only be proclaimed on a Day of Atonement, is aligning perfectly with Day of Atonement 2015 is beyond amazing!

The combination of this fact, along with the blood moon tetrad pointing to 2015, is surely against all odds!

We can thus see that the Lord graciously gave His Feast Days for His people to observe, so that we could be aware of His end times plan.

Next, we must determine the length of the Great Tribulation period by reviewing the Book of Daniel:

Daniel 12:7 It shall be for a time, times and half a time (3 and half= 1260 day/years) when the power of the holy people has been shattered,all these shall be finished.

As such, we then need only to count backwards exactly 1260 days from the Second Coming, in order to arrive at the Beginning of the Great Tribulation.

Taking the pinpointed Day of Atonement 2015 and deducting exactly 1260 days leads to the middle of Passover 2012, landing exactly on April 11, 2012.

Therefore, April 11, 2012 appears to be the beginning of the Great Tribulation, which is also known as the Time of Jacob's Trouble and the time of God's Wrath. 

April 11, 2012 also falls during Passover week on the Lord's Feast Day of Unleavened Bread.

If this is indeed the beginning of the Great Tribulation, Lord willing, there will be the Rapture of the readied Bride just prior. 

It is crucial to understand God's Spring Feast Days occurring during the week of Passover. Included are the exact days that they fall on our 2012 Gregorian calendar.

 April 6, 2012   Passover
April 7, 2012   Feast of Unleavened Bread
April 8, 2012   Firstfruits  

NOTE: The Feast of Unleavened Bread continues from April 7-14, 2012

As such, Passover week is from April 6-14th of this year.

There has been a recent unveiling of newly discovered Bible Codes/Torah Codes.

This revealing of previously unknown, hidden "WORDS" in the Holy Bible appear to be the  prophesied "words concealed and sealed up until the time of the end ", foretold by Daniel.

DANIEL 12:9 He said, "Go your way, Daniel, for these WORDS CONCEALED AND SEALED UP UNTIL THE END TIME.

Jewish Rabbi researchers discovered these exciting new Torah/Bible codes that are being unsealed and revealed here,"at the time of the end".

It is important to realize that The Creator, God, is a mathematician. All of creation has perfect mathematical dimensions.

This mathematically proven Torah Code appears to be God's  supernatural message given to us,right now, "at the time of the end".

Please see the below link for the trailer for the upcoming documentary "Torah Code 2012". It begins with this  profound statement:

"There is a code in the Torah. The first five books of the Old Testament. The code is real and Mathematically provable. The advent of the computer has made it possible."

The accompanying article about the Torah Code 2012 quotes the Rabbis as saying:

"We have a bunch of tables on war, on World War"  as well as "This is Case Olam the end of the world".

"But also in the 2012 codes...the hope of a biblical promise fulfilled."

"There's a number of 2012 tables that talk about redemption, and they're usually connected a lot with the return of the Messiah"

"This event ... points to this year’s Passover, April 6 through 14, 2012."


The fact that they found the word, PASSOVER, connected with the above world changing events, is astounding by itself.

Further connect the blood moon tetrads and the Jubilee year; which all point directly to September 23, 2015, Day of Atonement.

Next, deduct Daniel's 3 1/2 year time frame from Day of Atonement of 2015 which lands us directly on 
April 11, 2012 (PASSOVER week of 2012), which appears to be the beginning of the Great Tribulation.

The odds of the newly discovered Torah Code perfectly aligning with the above facts, with the exact same time frame, is surely incalculable!!

It appears that God has revealed through His Feasts, His Torah and His signs in the Heavens the general time frame of our redemption.

It also appears to mark the beginning of His wrath, which will be unleashed on the lukewarm along with unbelievers.

The Jewish Rabbi's interpretation of the Torah Code's "redemption" and the "return of the Messiah" appears to correlate with the redemption/Rapture of the readied Bride.

"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." Luke 21:28

However, the unbelieving Jews may mistakenly correlate this to mean that their Messiah has physically come as they have been expecting.

Thus, this newly revealed code may not only indicate the Rapture of those found serving the Lord, but may also indicate the revealing of the antichrist; that the Jews will first accept as their long awaited Messiah.

Additionally, the fact that the Passover 2012 Torah Code reveals "WORLD WAR" appears to correspond perfectly with the mindset that the Rapture happens before "sudden destruction'"

A world war would certainly be a plausible way to commence the Tribulation/Great Tribulation.

 "While they are saying, "Peace and safety!" then sudden destruction will come upon them suddenly like labor pains upon a woman with child, and they will not escape." 1 Thessalonians 5:3

It appears clear that God is so merciful that He has actually given us this precise window of time,
so that we can know to prepare ourselves for either His coming, or to be able to endure until He comes.

May we all see that it is time to examine ourselves and ask God to reveal anything that is not pleasing to Him or that is not in accordance with His Word.

It is time to NOW let go of the distractions of this world, lest they bog many down to where we would be left behind, facing the coming horrors of God's wrath.

Please "stay tuned" for a Part 3 to these amazing revelations. The compilation of the coming additional information will solidify even further that after Passover week 2012, life for all the inhabitants of planet Earth, will be forever changed!


"Jews Practice Passover/Pesach Sacrifice, Declare: We Are Ready!" 

This is the first time in 2000 years, that religious Jews are out in the open, practicing animal sacrifices in Jerusalem eve of the coming "Feast of Passover".
They are proclaiming "WE ARE READY" here at Passover 2012!

We, who profess Christ, also need to be making sure that "we are ready"!

Combine this with the all of the above supporting information and we can see for sure, IT IS TIME!


  1. Shalom Sister Gina!

    This is a very interesting and well-thought out article, and I really enjoyed reading your ideas concerning the Tetrad of Blood Moons and the Jubilee Year tie-ins with 2012 immensely. I pray that Yahshua our Messiah will bless you abundantly for all your hard work as we await His glorious return for His Bride, which could indeed be this Passover, though we may have a little longer to wait yet.

    However, I wanted to share something with you that I learned in my years of research. The fact is that figuring 360 days per prophetic year is not correct. As I studied Sacred Astronomy and Geometry under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I was shown that the number 360 describes a Solar Year rather than 360 days. This is because a 360-degree circle is created by the Sun's path through the Zodiac every Solar Year, which is 365.242 days long.

    With this in mind, it is easier to make calculations using the prophetic day numbers given in the Bible if we look at the weeks in a year rather than just the given days. Now, Revelation 12:6 tells us that the Woman clothed with the Sun representing Israel and the Bride of Christ is to be secluded in a place of solitude for 1260 days, and I think this is referring to the length of time after the Rapture that believers will be kept from harm in Heaven.

    Now, if you divide 1260 by 7, you get exactly 180 weeks. There are 52 weeks per year and 52 X 7 = 364 days. 3 x 364 = 1092. 1260 - 1092 = 168. 168 / 7 = exactly 24 weeks. If you figure the 1.242 days extra per current Solar Year into the equation, this would take close to 4 days from one of those weeks, leaving 23 weeks and 3 days left over after figuring out what the 3 years' worth of days would be in weeks.

    In my opinion, it is much wiser to count weeks on a Jewish calendar between specific dates to get the correct day count. That is what I did when figuring out the day count within the Great Pyramid Antechamber that is connected to the Great Tribulation period in the following blog article, which also targets this Passover as highly significant:

    A New Revelation Tied to the Pillar of Enoch:

    Anyway, I realize that your research is easier for most believers to accept than my own, and so I applaud it as a very worthwhile endeavor. Not everyone can appreciate the allegorical significance of the Zodiac signs that the coming Blood Moons will appear in, or believe that the measurements in the Great Pyramid have any prophetic significance. Too many believe Satan's lies that the Great Pyramid was a Pagan worship site or tomb for a deceased part-Nephilim Pharaoh's mummy, even though there is zero evidence that it was ever used as a tomb or a pagan place of worship. The fact is that there are NO religious inscriptions or idolatrous images to be found anywhere inside or outside of the Great Pyramid, a.k.a. the Pillar of Enoch.

    So thanks very much for the wonderful research and encouragement that you have done and that all believers can accept, and have a wonderful Passover and Easter/Resurrection Sunday. I will look forward to meeting you and all the saints in Heaven at the Wedding of the Lamb sometime very, very soon, and it would be really wonderful if it was this Passover or Easter, though it could be this summer around Pentecost, or even close to Chanukah this year as I indicated in my article. In any case, it will likely be soon! Maranatha! :-D

  2. So, Helena, when in layman's terms are you thinking this could happen?

  3. Thank you for this. This Passover will come and go. We post and talk about how great it will be for US in heaven and seeing Jesus but what about the lost? What about that person we see everyday that knows not Jesus. Jesus wants that person to be with Him but all we think about and talk about is US how wonderful it will be for us.. to meet the others and talk. Go and search, pick the RAPTURE site find the POST where they hurt and praying and crying for those that know not Jesus.

    No why did Jesus come? Why did the Father send Jesus? Forgive me but if your on that ship thats just about to leave yet you see your mom, son, brother, best friend on the other side...oooh then its different then you want that ship to wait. We should feel like this for the ones we don't know.

    Yes I want to go home. Yes I want to see the one I love SOOOOO MUCH! Yet He is in me and we are one. I can not leave.. I have to take all I can with me. I don't want to leave yet. 100,000's die each year for Jesus the Christ. Yet we here in US and other places face NOTHING like they have. And we cry as if we can't take it any more. Its going to get darker before Jesus comes. No one will know that day He returns. Its the Fathers and His day and they and only them that get the glory and praise.

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  6. We are COMMANDED to WATCH for the signs of the end of the age.

    As we see all of the Lord's last days' signs being fulfilled before our eyes, may we continue to sound the alarm.

    The lukewarm and the lost need to be awakened to the nearness of His coming and realize it only by the blood of Yeshua that we are saved; and that it is time to abide in God as our refuge.

  7. As I write, it is July 2013. I have no doubt that Christ is soon to return; however, according to this blog, we are in the midst of the tribulation. Unfortunately, I see no evidence as of yet. Now, I cannot speculate on the upcoming blood red moons; however, I am certain that God is about to move. Because I care not when He comes, I just pray that we are ready, as well as, my family. I am NOT interested in what becomes of this world when we are raptured out of it. I read the Book of Revelation with joy--praying as John did, Come quickly! Jesus said, "watch and be sober," again the Word of God says, "occupy." I am not here trying to figure out when He is coming, rather, eagerly awaiting His coming.