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Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri was a venerated Jewish rabbi who died in 2006 at the age of 108.  Before his death, the aged rabbi had a vision of who the Messiah was. 
Rabbi Kaduri left a note that was to opened a year after his death. When the note was opened, the note gave the Hebrew name of the Messiah as Yeshua, who we know to be Jesus, the Savior of mankind.

 In addition, the rabbi left a prophecy that the Messiah would come after  Ariel Sharon had died. Ariel Sharon is the Israeli prime minister who orchestrated the unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip.

In August 2005, against the emotionally charged protests of many Israelis, PM Sharon ordered the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to forcefully evict Israelis from their homes in the Gaza Strip.

The result was the armed forces of Israel physically removing their own people from their homes in order to give their entire life’s work and their very communities over to the Palestinians.

Not only was this decision by Sharon against his own people but it was also against the God of Israel. Ariel Sharon gave away God’s Covenant land which was given only to the children of Israel.

Please see the following video for the astounding details regarding Rabbi Kaduri’s revelation:

The now 82 years old P.M. Sharon suffered a series of two debilitating strokes within a few months after he ordered the forced removal of God’s chosen people from their Covenant land.

By January 2006, the then 77 year old Ariel Sharon lay unresponsive in a coma and continues to be comatose, to date. 

There were a multitude of medical setbacks  in the early stages of Sharon's four 3/4years illness that even a very young, healthy man would have succumbed to.

It is indeed extraordinary that Ariel Sharon has survived for these past four ¾ years in a coma. 

From a medical standpoint, the fact that he even survived all the multiple potentially fatal medical complications, experienced early on, is nothing short of a miracle.

Following is a rundown on the many medical complications that from a medical perspective, would/should/could have ordinarily been fatal.

P.M. Sharon apparently initially had a embolitic (traveling clot) stroke caused by an atrial septal defect (ASD) commonly known as a "hole" in his heart.

Note that an ASD is usually a congenital (at birth) defect that is usually surgically repaired in early childhood. At that time, Sharon was preparing to have cardiac evaluation for the repair of the ASD.

Granted that the medical field was not as advanced in Sharon's youth, but one would think that the ASD would have necessitated repair prior to the age of 77. 

Ironically, Sharon had his first stroke the night before he was going to undergo a cardiac catheterization for evaluation of his ASD.

The ASD was purported to be the cause of the first stroke which caused an embolus (clot) that traveled to and obstructed his cerebral arteries in his brain.

Apparently the anticoagulant (blood thinner)that was used to treat this first stroke in mid December 2005 helped precipitate Sharon's second and more debilitating stroke that occurred on January 2, 2006.

Sharon’s second stroke resulted from a blood vessel rupturing and bleeding into the cranium (skull). 

Due to the increased intracranial pressure from the massive hemorrhaging (bleeding) into his skull from this second (hemorrhagic) stroke, Sharon afterwards underwent two lengthy neurosurgeries to control the bleeding.

The first neurosurgery(brain surgery)lasted SEVEN hours and the second neurosurgery lasted FOURTEEN hours.

After the second prolonged 14-hour surgery, Sharon was placed on a ventilator and some reports suggested that he was suffering from paralysis in his lower body, while others said he was still fighting for his life."

Note that about 30% to 60% of people with an intracerebral hemorrhage (brain bleed) die (as was Sharon's second stroke). 

In those who survive long enough to reach an emergency room, bleeding usually has stopped by the time they are seen by a doctor.

Many people with ruptured aneurysms or subarachnoid hemorrhages usually do not even survive long enough to reach a hospital. Of those who do, about 50% die within the first month of treatment.

Therefore, Sharon surviving the second stroke was against incredible odds to begin with. The complications following that he survived as well are beyond incredible from a medical standpoint.

The month following the hemorrhagic stroke,in  February 2006, Sharon had to undergo two more surgeries for bowel and stomach complications:

"Sharon underwent subsequent surgeries the following month. On 11 February 2006, doctors performed emergency surgery to remove 50 cm of his large intestine that had become necrotic, probably because of a blood clot.[32] On 22 February, he underwent an additional procedure to drain excess fluid from his stomach, discovered during a CT scan."

In July 2006, Sharon’s condition worsened with his kidneys starting to fail so he was put on hemodialysis and he also was treated for a blood infection (sepsis).

By August 2006, he was diagnosed with double pneumonia which was treated and resolved.

The following November in 2006, Sharon was back again in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) being treated for a cardiac (heart) infection which too, was successfully resolved.

To recap, Ariel Sharon was a 77 year old obese man with a cardiac defect experiencing both an embolitic and a hemorrhagic stroke within a 3 week period. 

Due to the massive uncontrolled bleeding in his brain from the second stroke he underwent first, a SEVEN hour surgery and then a FOURTEEN hour surgery that left him paralyzed.

Within a month, he underwent yet another surgery, this time removing necrotic gut (part of the large intestine had died from a clot). 

Shortly after that surgical intervention, there was another surgery required, this time on his stomach for fluid accumulation.

Next medical setback, he started hemodialysis for failing kidneys and also had a blood infection (sepsis). 

He then had double pneumonia and later a cardiac (heart) infection which were all resolved with IV antibiotics.

So within less than a year after his TWO strokes, Ariel Sharon had FOUR surgeries, a bout of double pneumonia, a blood infection (sepsis), a heart infection and renal (kidney) failure requiring hemodialysis.

Any redundancy of the facts is in order to firmly establish the case of the many serious complications suffered by Sharon. Each one of these serious medical problems could be fatal in itself.  

As well known, the more ill and compromised a patient, the less reserves there are to fight infections. 

In P.M. Sharon’s weakened state of health, it is incredible that he was able to survive such serious infections and other complications.

Since, the last reported complication back in November 2006, it appears as though Ariel Sharon has been status quo for the past 4 years and still in a coma. It is unclear if he is still paralyzed or on a ventilator(breathing machine).

Bearing in mind that patients who are inactive due to being bedridden are more at risk for pneumonia and bedsores (which themselves can lead to infection and clots).

The fact that Sharon is already predisposed to clot formation (with a history of the previous stroke and intestinal clot) it is surprising that with his inactivity that there have been no further complications from clots. Note that one clot to the lungs or to the brain can be instantly fatal.

It appears that it may be God's grace and divine planning that Ariel Sharon ever survived to begin with as well as the fact that he has no had no further serious complications since November 2006. 

According to Rabbi Kaduri, Ariel Sharon’s demise will usher in the coming of Yeshua, the Messiah. From this perspective it appears as if God may be allowing Ariel Sharon's remarkable survival for HIS purposes.

Just as Methuselah’s, the oldest man to ever live, death was prophesied to usher in worldwide judgment with the flood of Noah; so may Ariel Sharon’s death usher in the return of the Messiah and the coming judgment of the upcoming Tribulation period.

Methuselah was the grandfather of Noah and together they attempted to persuade the wicked people of the earth to return to godliness. 

Methuselah was the last human being to have personally known Adam, who had personally known and walked with God.

Methuselah and the others before him were taught and could "know" about God directly from Adam. Noah was the first one in Adam’s lineage to not have known and been able to learn about the things of God directly from Adam.

As such, Noah did not have the first hand account by which to have been taught; so Noah was the first to believe solely by faith. 

God planned to bring the flood of Noah after all the men who walked in the ways of the Lord had been removed.

Methuselah lived during the construction of Noah's ark but died right before the flood as God had promised him that he would not be killed with the unrighteous.

The name Methuselah translates,“When he is dead it shall be sent”; meaning ‘the deluge' of judgment would come after his death.

Therefore, Methuselah's death marked the end of mankind's grace period and the coming of the Great Flood.

Perhaps it will be that after the announcement of Ariel Sharon's death, those who are alive and living for the Lord, will not die but be raptured and be removed; just as Methuselah died before the flood so that he would not be "killed with the unrighteous" in the coming "flood of judgment."

Just as Methuselah’s death indicated the coming literal flood of judgment so might Ariel Sharon’s death signify the coming flood of judgment upon an unrepentant world.

Rabbi Kaduri’s prophesy of the coming of the Messiah after the death of Ariel Sharon may perhaps equate to the meeting of the readied Bride with the Lord in the air (Rapture).

Conversely, the Jews, of whom many will accept the coming antichrist, may think that Kaduri's prophecy referred to the coming antichrist as being their Messiah.

Is Ariel Sharon our modern day Methuselah? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, may we remember to pray for the salvation of Ariel Sharon and for the many not covered by the blood of the Lamb and for the peace of Jerusalem!


  1. Glad to Catherine! Ariel Sharon is surely a medical marvel. He surely appears to be being used by God for His end times purposes.

  2. Very interesting. And if anyone is wondering yes he is still alive I confirmed with my Israeli contact after reading this.

  3. Thank you so very mush for the prophesy regarding Ariel Sharon by Rabbi Kaduri. I am looking for the Lord's return for those who are ready, and have been busy telling as many who would listen to me to prepare too.

    God Bless, shalom

    Jacqueline Griffin

  4. Great article! Thank you keep us posted.

  5. Hi; Today's date is June 29, 2015. Is Ariel Sharon still alive, at the time of this inquiry?

  6. January 2014 he died. Possibly the great tribulation began then but not the way many thought as in Noah's days quickly. If we are in the seven year tribulation, then the beginning of 2021 would be the final actual days. It seems this is so with the build up that is happening more and more everyday and the time period of the "Nibiru" planet coming closest to our planet and all the meteors its bringing with it, NOT what many are claiming every month that it will hit or pass earth as we see on youtube videos every month. It has years based on calculations before it will cause the mass pummeling of earth coming and what revelations states of hail on fire and stars falling from the sky. NOT a flood that covers earth again, it will be fire.